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Chapter 7

Health and longevity

  1. If the lagna lord is associated with Jupiter, good longevity is indicated. Jupiter is the karaka for fortune, children and body
  2. Saturn in association with the 8th lord also confers long life. Saturn’s placement in the 8th is also good for longevity
  3. The 8th lord in the lagna, along with Ketu, indicates short life
  4. Sun combined with the lord of 9th makes the father long-lived, provided they’re not together in 9th. However, Sun’s placement in the 9th shortens the father’s life, as does Moon in 4th for the mother’s longevity
  5. If the 9th lord is in 11th, long life to the father is indicated
  6. Moon, when associated with the 4th lord, indicates a long life to the mother
  7. If either Mars or Jupiter is in 3rd, harm will be caused to the native’s brothers
  8. If the 3rd is owned and occupied by Jupiter, the person will only have one brother
  9. Jupiter in 5th and Venus in 7th lessen the longevity of children and spouse respectively
  10. Long life to the native’s mother is surely to be predicted if Moon conjoins the 4th lord in 5th, 9th or 10th
  11. If the 4th lord is in 4th and it happens to be its moolatrikona, the mother will live long
  12. The mother’s longevity will be curtailed by Saturn’s aspect on both the 4th lord and waning Moon