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Chapter 6

Seventh house

  1. If the 7th lord is associated with Venus with no malefic aspects, only one marriage is indicated
  2. If malefics are in the 2nd and 7th and are combined with the lord of 7th, or if Venus is debilitated or in 11th, or if the 7th lord is in 6th or 12th, the native will have more than one wife. The native will have this indication if malefics are in the lagna
  3. If Saturn, Mars and Venus are weak and occupy the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th, the native will have two wives. The same is the case if Mars is in any of these positions
  4. If Jupiter is in the 2nd, the person will have a second wife late in life
  5. If Saturn is in 2nd or Rahu in the 7th, two marriages are indicated
  6. If the 2nd and 7th are occupied by either their respective lords or Venus and if the two houses are associated with benefics, the number of such benefics indicates the number of living wives the native will have, while only one wife will live if malefics join the above combination
  7. If there’s a Venus-Saturn conjunction in 7th, the person will remain attached to his own wife
  8. Mercury in 7th makes the person addicted to other women, while Jupiter there gives a devoted wife
  9. If the lords of the 7th, 2nd and 10th are in 4th, the native will be addicted to other women
  10. The person becomes skilful if Rahu is in 7th, while Ketu there will make the wife a shrew