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Chapter 8

Fortunate combinations

  1. A parivartana between the 9th and 11th lords or an association between these two lords indicates a fortunate native
  2. If eight planets occupy four houses in pairs of two each, the native will be fortunate. The same can be predicted if there are three pairs of planets in a horoscope
  3. If four benefics are aspected by malefics, the native won’t be very fortunate but he’ll have some wealth
  4. If malefics occupy the 3rd, 6th and 11th houses, the person becomes lucky
  5. The person will be fortunate in that bhava whose karaka is situated in the 12th house
  6. If the lords of the lagna, 9th and 4th are in the 10th, lagna or 7th in association with the 10th lord, during the dasas and bhuktis of such lords, the native will become very fortunate
  7. It’s auspicious to have an exalted planet situated in either 5th or 9th
  8. If there’s a Sun-Venus-Mercury combine in 5th with Jupiter in 11th, the Mercury dasa will bring the native much fortune
  9. If Sun and 9th lord are together in the 12th, fortune thru father is indicated
  10. The native’s father will either be fortunate or otherwise, depending on whether Sun is exalted or debilitated
  11. For a Sagittarian, even a debilitated Sun will confer riches thru the father
  12. The placement of the lords of 9th, 12th and Sun augur well for the father, or if Jupiter and 12th lord are in 12th
  13. If Venus and Moon are both in 12th, the native will be fortunate thru his mother and wife
  14. If Mars or 9th lord is in 12th, the person will be fortunate in respect of his brother or father respectively
  15. If Mercury conjoins the 2nd lord in 6th, the native acquires money thru his enemies (or cousins and rivals)
  16. If Jupiter as 5th lord is exalted, the children enjoy much fortune