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Public Matters

In this chapter is included information on various matters concerning public welfare. In the light of the present official attitude towards astrology, this chapter cannot be of much practical importance. Yet as in several public functions in India astrological consultations are not altogether 6one away with but resorted to privately it is hoped that the principles given below would prove of value to those who are called upon to fix up suitable time for affairs of momentous importance to the public.

The astrological precepts on public affairs may be considered by ill-informed or half educated persons as ridiculous. But one who is a keen student of natural laws and who knows the importance of time and its manifestations cannot fail to notice that there is much sense underlying these precepts, for we are only asked to move in harmony with laws of nature. An intelligent man must question himself why, for instance a project launched at one hour proves fortunate investment, white another launched at a different hour proves most unluckly. Some ventures are doomed to failure from their very inception in spite of all the apparent favourable, circumstances. Consequently even those who make it a point to scoff at astrology cannot help speaking such as "illstarred affairs" although unaware of the meaning of this expression. Many nation-building activities have either proved abortive or resulted in failure simply because they were started in an unlucky moment.

Building and Launching Ships. - The constellations Jyeshta. Makha, Visakha, Aridra, Rohini, Bharani, Knttika and Aslesha should be avoided. The remaining ones are auspicious. Sunday, Thursday and Friday are good. Let the Lagna be a watery sign. Place the lord of Lagna in the 9th or 11th house. The lord of Janma Rasi should be in a watery sign. Avoid movable signs. Let there be no planet in 8th house. In building ships for war, strengthen the position of Mars; In building merchant and passenger ships, see that. Mercury is dignified or at least occupies an Upachaya sign free from affliction. Either Venus or Jupiter should be in a kendra or trikona. The conjunction of Mars and Moon and Mars and Lagna or Lagnadhipathi should be avoided.

Building Towns and Cities. - The foundation stone should be laid at an auspicious moment as per rules given in the chapter on House Building. The best asterisms for laying the foundation for building a town are Aswini, Chitta and Revati. The Lagna must be a fixed sign powerful ly aspected by Jupiter. This gives durability and continuance. Place Mercury in an auspicious position. This makes the city grow into a big trading centre. Confine Saturn to an Upachaya. Mars should have no connection with the Lagna. Have the construction begun when the Moon is increasing in light? Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are good. Movable signs should be avoided. Benefic planets should be in Lagna, the 2nd and the 9th houses. Malefics should be in 3rd and 11th houses. The 8th should be vacant as also the 12th. But a benefic in the 12th is permissible.

Building Military Quarters. - The constellation of Uttarabhadra is the best for beginning the construction of military quarters or barracks.

Dairy Farms. - Let Taurus or Cancer be the rising sign. Aswini, Punarvasu, Pushya. dasta, Swati, Sravana, Dhanishta and Satabhisha are the best Nakshatras. The presence of the Moon in Lagna augurs prosperity. Monday is the best weekday.

Electing Head of the State. - The best constellations areAswinr. Rohini, Mrigasira, Punarvasu, Pushya. Uttara, Hasta, Anuradha. Uttarashadha, Sravana. Uttarabhadra and Revati. All odd lunar days (in the bright half) except the 9th are good. The 2nd and 10th lunar days are also favourable. The rising sign must be Aries. Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces.

Strengthen the Sun and the Moon. Fortify the Lagna and the 10th and their lords. Let the 8th house be vacant. Confine malefics to Upachayas. If possible, the Sun and the Moon should be placed in Cancer or Leo preferably subject to the aspect of Jupiter. As usual, the Tarabala, Chandrabala, Panchaka, etc., should be carefully looked into.

Coronation. - The foregoing rules apply to coronation also. If possible, let Lagna be Leo occupied by the Sun and aspected by Jupiter. In case of democratic rule, the new Government may begin at a time when Kumbha is rising with Saturn in Lagna or in Thula aspected in either case by Jupiter or Venus.

Installing a Deiiy. - Building temples and installing deities involve the consideration of very important astrological principies which an average student of astrology will be unable to understand thoroughly. Therefore, selection of an auspicious moment for such purposes may well be left to a specialist. There are complicated astronomical, astrological and religious rules given in original Works and the reader Will do well to refer to such works as Brihat Samhits, Kalamrita. etc., for greater details. Here I shall give just a few salient principles.

The installation of a deity should be done when the Sun is in the Northern course. The lunar month of Magha should be avoided. According to Kalaprakasika, the ceremony is to be done when Jupiter and Venus are dignified and devoid of adverse influences.

Rohini, Mrigasira. Punarvasu, Pushya, Uttara, Hasta, Swati, Uttarashadha and Uttarabhadra are good constellations for this purpose. All odd lunar days (except the 9th) including the 2nd, 6th and 10th are favourable. The Lagna must be a fixed sign. A common sign may be selected for a female Deity. Movable signs should always be rejected. The Lagna should not be conjoined by the luminaries or malefics or otherwise the town concerned will be destroyed. No malefic should occupy the 7th. There should be no planet in the 8th. The ceremony should be avoided at the end of an Ayana, the end of a year, of a lunar day and of an asterism; and on days on which halos round the Sun and the Moon are visible.