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Ch. 11. Evils and the Moon

1-2. I now explain the combinations, that are capable of nullifying the said evils, for these are important in the Science of Horoscopy and initially explained below are the Yogas to counteract the evils emanating from, or afflicting the Moon, as done by expounders, like Lord Brahma.

3-4. If the Moon is Full and is aspected by all heavenly bodies, all evils are countered, just as lawbreakers are destroyed by the king. Venus aspecting the Full Moon, while the latter is in friendly divisions is capable of obstructing evils, just as abdominal remedies are able to cure windy diseases.

5-6. Should the Moon be in her deep exaltation and be aspected by Venus, evils are countered, just as phlegm and bile are controlled by induced vomiting. If the Moon be in the divisions of benefic planets and be aspected by benefics, she will not prove evil though she may be waning, just as nutmeg bark treats dysentery.

7-8. Benefics in the 7th, 8th and 6th from the Moon remove all adversities, just as madness is removed by Kalyana Grita. Same is the case, if the Moon is conjunct benefics and be in the decanates owned by benefics, just as saline water controls ear diseases.

9-10. Should the full Moon be in a benefic's Dwadasamsa, all evils are removed, just as butter-milk checks piles. If the Moon occupies a benefic's Rāśi and receives the Lagna Lord's aspect, adversities for short-life are counteracted, as even a noble housewife can destroy the fame of the descent, if she seeks union with other men.

11-12. Even though the Moon may be in a House owned by a malefic, or in such Vargas, she does not prove evil, if aspected by her dispositor. This is comparable-to a miser protecting his money. If the dispositor of the Moon is strong and be in aspect to benefics, or friendly planets, the Moon is not capable of harming, in comparison to a timid person, who cannot face others even though he may be in war field.

13-14. If the Lord of the Moon Sign is in Lagna and is aspected by all planets, all evils are removed, just as the ointment of holy fig and bamboo bark removes whiteness. The Moon in her exaltation, own, friendly, or benefic Vargas, aspected by benefics, but not malefics counteracts all-evils, as the Sun does remove fog.

15. Just as quartan fever is removed by inhaling Agashya flower, all evils are checked by Mercury and Venus in the 12th of Moon, malefics in the 11th and Jupiter in the 10th.

16-17. Should the Moon be in the 6th, 3rd, 10th, 11th, or 4th from the natal Ascendant and be aspected by benefics, evils are removed, as though a king destroys his opponents. The Lord of the Moon Sign is singly capable of removing all evils, if he is with full strength and aspected by benefics, similar to an inebriated tiger throwing away a thousand deer.

Thus ends the 11th Ch., entitled “Evils and the Moon” in Kalyana Varma's Saravali.