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Ch. 6. (Yoga) Karakas

1. Karaka Planets. Planets posited in own House, Mulatrikona, or exaltation and simultaneously in Angles become mutual Karakas, or significators. Such kind of Yoga Karakas (co-workers) are counted only in regard to Lagna's Angles. This view is held by Acharya Hari.

2. For example Saturn in Libra, while Cancer Ascendant containing Jupiter and the Moon and Mars with the Sun in Aries become mutual Karakas.

3. Planets posited in exaltation, friendly Rāśi, own Rāśi, or Amsa also become Karakas. The Sun in the 10th, as above, becomes greatly significant. This is Chanakya's opinion.

4. Planets though not in Vargas, like own House, become Karakas, if they are in Lagna, 4th, 10th, or even the 11th. But this view is not acceptable to great sages.

5-6. Effects of Karakas. Even though a person may be born in base strata, he will become chief, if he has Karaka Grahas. One born in royal family without doubt becomes a king in such a case. While analyzing the Yogas, such Karakatwas are along important and effects should be declared only on that basis.

Thus ends the 6th Ch. entitled Karakadhyaya in Kalyana Varma's Saravali