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Ch. 18. Effects of Conjunction of Five Planets

1. SUN-MOON-MARS-JUPITER-MERCURY YOGA. If these five planets are together at birth, the native will be subjected to grief, will be cunning, be bereaved of wife and will experience physical distresses.

2. SUN-MOON-MARS-VENUS-MERCURY YOGA. If these five planets join at birth, the native will be intent on doing others' jobs, will lose his strength, or courage through his relatives and friends and will befriend a neuter.

3. SATURN-SUN-MERCURY-MOON-MARS YOGA. Should these be conjunct at birth, the native will be short lived, imprisoned and be devoid of every kind of happiness, wife, sons and money.

4. MARS-MOON-JUPITER-VENUS-SUN YOGA. Should these five planets join at birth, the native will be blind by birth, subjected to much grief, be devoid of parents, always dejected in mood and fond of singing.

5. SATURN-MOON-MARS-JUPITER-SUN YOGA. If there be a combination of these planets in one House, the native will be all expert warrior, will steal others' money, give trouble to others, be a tale-bearer and fickle-minded.

6. SUN-MOON-VENUS-SATURN-MARS YOGA. Should the said five planets join in one House, the native will be devoid of respect, money and prosperity, will have dirty conduct and be addicted to women.

7. MERCURY-MOON-JUPITER-SUN-SATURN YOGA. One with the conjunction of these planets will be a machinist, will enjoy great prosperity, be a king's minister, be a judge and be famous.

8. MERCURY-MOON-JUPITER-SUN-SATURN YOGA. With these five planets in one House, the native will be timid, be deprived of people dear to him, expert in cheating, given to anger and will depend on others for food.

9. SUN-MOON-MERCURY-SATURN-VENUS YOGA. One, who has the said five planets together at birth will be tall in stature, will have a hairy body and be not endowed with happiness, money and sons.

10. SUN-MOON-JUPITER-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. One with these five planets together at birth, will indulge in jugglery, be fickle-minded, be liked by women, be learned, will have many enemies and be fearless.

11. MERCURY-MARS-SUN-JUPITER-VENUS YOGA. If these planets join at birth, the native will be sensuous, will have a fleet of horses, will do good acts, be an Army chief, be dear to king, very fortunate and free from grief.

12. SUN-MARS-MERCURY-JUPITER-SATURN YOGA. Should a native have these planets conjunct, he will be emotional, sick, will earn food by begging going from House to House and will live in dilapidated Houses.

13. MARS-MOON-MERCURY-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. One with these five planets together at birth will be troubled by wounds, imprisonment and diseases, be learned, honoured by the people, be poor and deformed.

14. MARS-SATURN-SUN-VENUS-MERCURY YOGA. One with the said five planets together will be troubled by diseases and enemies, be deprived of position, subjected to much grief and will roam out of agony.

15. MOON-MARS-JUPITER-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. If these five planets are together, one will be a messenger, a dunce, a neuter, will possess dirty habits, be very unfortunate, deformed and bereft of money.

16. SUN-MARS-JUPITER-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. Should there be a conjunction of these five planets, at birth, one will be expert in dealing with equipment and machinery related to water, minerals, mercury and such other chemicals and will achieve some fame in these lines.

17. SUN-VENUS-SATURN-MERCURY-JUPITER YOGA. One with these planets in conjunction will be learned in many Shastras, will help friends, be dear to elders, virtuous and merciful.

18. MERCURY-MOON-JUPITER-MARS-VENUS YOGA. Should these planets be in conjunction at birth, one will be humble, free from sickness, endowed with learning, wealth, truth and happiness, be helpful to relatives and will have many friends.

19. MARS-SATURN-MERCURY-JUPITER-MOON YOGA. One with the conjunction of these five planets will be night blind, penniless, dependent on others for food, miserable and will bring discredit to his relatives.

20. MERCURY-MOON-MARS-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. with these planets in conjunction, one will have a number of enemies and friends as well, be helpful to others, wicked and highly regarded.

21. MOON-MERCURY-VENUS-JUPITER-SATURN YOGA. If these planets are together at birth in a nativity, the subject will be a kings minister, be equal to a king, chief of the people and be worshipped by all people.

22. MARS-JUPITER-MERCURY-VENUS-SATURN YOGA. If these five planets be conjunct, the native will be good-hearted, rash (considered to be one of the 33 subordinate feelings), dear to king, free from grief, addicted to excessive sleep and be indigent.

Thus ends the 18th Ch., entitled “Effects of five planets in conjunction”, In Kalyana Varma's Saravali.