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l. The author indicates in this sloka that he is now going to describe the effects derived from the various houses in a birth chart, on the lines of principles laid down in the Samhitas (treatise) compiled by great ancient sages. According to views of the ancient learneds, the strength of a planet goes on increasing according as it be posited in its enemy, neutral, friendly own or exaltation sign.

2. If in Adhana Lagna chart, or in query chart a male planet with adequate strength be posited in a benefic varga-Sign, Hora, Drekkana etc; it is to be declared that the child to be born would be a male. If such planet be a female one, it should be predicted that the child to be born would be female. If planet in question be impotent, the child to be born would also be so. If planet in question be in a dual sign, the forecast should be of the twin birth.

3. If there is a query as to when the child would be born, we have to proceed as follows: Find out how many Navamsas have been traversed by the strongest planet, at the time of query. If Moon be in the bright half of the month, it should bc predicted that birth would take place in as many months as arc indicated by the number of Navamsas passed by the planet in the sign concerned. The number of months would be twice the number of such Navamsas if Moon at the time of query be in the dark half of the month. Or, the period spent in the womb would be as many months as the number of Navamsas risen in Ascendant at the time of query.

4. If planets capable of giving birth to child be in 6th, 8th or in the sign owned by an enemy planet and be associated or aspected by malefics posited in 6th, 8th, or sign-owned by enemy planets, the pregnancy would end in abortion. This is likely to happen in the month (after conception) indicated by the number of Navamsas travelled by the said planet in the sign occupied by it. It may be possible to prevent this tragedy by remedial measures recommended in Shastras.

5. In that particular part of the body signified by the sign occupied by Sun and which has been described as forming the head and other portions of Kalapurusha should be declared the existence of a mark, a mole or spot. If planet which occupies the sign be Mars, the mark would be caused through tire. In case of Rahu, it would be through wood, stone etc. Saturn would give the mark or spot through a metal and the mark or spot caused on account of Jupiter occupying a sign, would be a beneficial one.

6. If two, three or four malefics of which Mercury is one be posited together in one sign, there would be in that part of body a scar caused by an ulcer. The native would be hump-backed if Moon in a birth chart posited in a Navamsa or Drekkana occupied by a malefic and be aspected by Sun. The native would be lame if Moon be in Suns Horä and receives the aspect of Saturn. The native would be one-eyed if in the birth chart, 12th and 2nd houses be inhabited by Venus and Mars jointly or separately and be aspected by Sun and Moon.

7. The native would be of short stature if: 1) Ascendant be Scorpio and Sun in 10th; 2) Moon be in Capricorn and aspected by Mars and Sun; 3) The Lord of Ascendant house and aspected by Saturn be associated with Moon in 2nd; 4) The lord of 9th house be associated with Moon in 2nd house and aspected by Saturn.

8. l) If in a birth chart: a) 7th house be badly disposed and its lord be a malefic and b) Ascendant be badly disposed and its lord be a malefic, it should be declared that the wife of the native would have ugly looking marks on her body. 2) It could be predicted that the mother of the native would have ugly looking marks on her body if Ascendant, its lord and 4th house and its lord be disposed in the same manner as in (1) above. 3) The same could be predicted about the sister of the native if ninth house and the lord of 3rd house are also malefics.

9. The wife of the native would speak harshly and flare up quickly if the lord of 7th be a malefic. She would be of kind nature and speak sweetly if the lord of 7th be a benefic. The partner (wife or business partner) would be dishonest and having evil intentions, if Moon and Saturn be together in 7th from Ascendant.

10. The mother of the native would be unchaste, if the lord of 4th is a malefic planet and the lord of 7th and Ascendant are benefics. It should be predicted that the wife of the native would be of loose morals if the lords of 10th and 7th are malefics and those of 1st and 4th are benefics.

11. The effects of a planet would be felt in the beginning, middle or concluding portion of its Major Period in accordance with its position in lst, 2nd or 3rd Drekkana of the sign in which it is posited. What method of period-reckoning should be observed should be decided by the Astrologer himself according to the directions of the Çästras.

12-14. Illegitimate births would take place in the following dispositions: 1) When 4th house remains unaspected or an enemy planet be placed in 4th or aspects it. 2) When Ascendant be unaspected by any planet or be occupied by the lords of 2nd, 3rd, 5th or 6th house. 3) When a malefic be in Ascendant, a benefic in 7th and Saturn in 10th. 4) When Moon be in Ascendant and 3rd house be occupied by Mars and Venus. 5) When Ascendant be inhabited by Mars and Rahu and 7th be occupied by Moon and Venus.

6) When four quadrants be vacant and all the planets be posited in 2nd, 12th, 8th and 6th houses. 7) When Ascendant has no Varga of Jupiter or if Ascendant or Moon does not receive aspect from Jupiter. 8) When the lords of Ascendant and 7th lord be together in a fixed sign. 9) When Ascendant, 10th or 4th house be occupied by Moon along with a malefic. 10) When Ascendant be not aspected either by its lord or a benefic planet. The wife of the native would enter into illicit relations with persons other than her husband, if Venus be posited in 9th house along with Moon.

15. Now the effects of the lords of Ascendant and other houses when posited in different houses: 1st house: Strong and well-built body, would be able to accomplish mighty things by his own efforts and the strength of his arms. He would be unsteady but would have no fear. He would also be broadminded. He might be having two wives and still be of loose morals.

16. 2nd house-The native would be wealthy, learned, and possessing many good qualities. He would be of good moral character, restless, famous and do pious deeds. He would be issueless although he may have more than one wife.

17. 3rd house and 6th house--He would be courageous and strong like a lion. He would possess wealth in abundance. He would have good qualities, would be respected by all, would be in status like a king or next to him.

18. 4th or 10th houses-He would be prosperous along with his parents. He would have good brothers and would be ambitious. He would be very attractive and liked by all on account of his good qualities.

19. 5th House-Happiness of children, would lose his first issue; hot temperament, servant of the king/government.

20. 7th house-wife of the native would be put to much suffering. As a consequence though with high status he would also suffer and become a wanderer.

21. 8th or 12th-Gambler, miserly, clever in offering advice, thief, adulterous, would have to face many troubles, unfortunate.

22. 9th or 11th-Fortunate, remains in good society, devotee of Lord Sri Kåñëa, proficient in oratory, would be happy with his wife and children.

23-31. The effects of the lord of 2nd house in various houses would be as under:

2nd house-If the lord of 2nd be in 2nd, native would be wealthy and proud. He would consider others as inferior to him. He may have two or three wives but would not have any son from any of them.

3rd or 4th house-Courageous, intelligent, good qualities, greedy, unfulfilled ambitions, illicit and secret relations with other women.

6th house-Gain of wealth from enemies which he would be robbed of soon, clever in manipulating things to his advantage, thief, litigant. He would have a mark on his sexual organ which would always be erect.

7th house-Medical man, clever in illicit relations with other peoples wives. His wife would act similarly and have contacts with other people. Mother would also be unchaste having relations with low caste people.

8th house-Gets a treasure or wealth without making effort, no happiness from wife or his eldest brother, misery through wife.

9th or 11th house-Industrious, skilful and wealthy, afflicted with disease at an early age, happy in old age.

10th house-Erotic temperament, rich, honoured, learned, more than one wife, no happiness from children.

12th house-Bold and daring, no wealth, has high opinion about himself, irreligious, would live on favour of the king/government, no happiness from first child.

5th or 1st house-Considered as a thorn by his family, hard hearted, propagating, helpful to others, little or no wealth, fraudulent.

32-38. The effects of the lord of 3rd house being posited in various houses would be as under:

3rd house-Rich in every way, valorous, ambitions would be fulfilled, homely, happiness in family life.

4th, 5th or 10th house-Happiness through various sources, rich, intelligent, hard hearted wife.

6th house-Hostile relations amongst brothers, unhappy through maternal uncles, rich, may have illicit relations with maternal uncle’s wife.

9th or 12th house-Rises to prominence through a woman, father doing harm to others, miserable life.

7th or 8th house-would die at the gate of kings palace, unhappy in early life, stealing habit may end in imprisonment.

11th or 1st house-Earns by his own efforts, would serve others, angry temperament, idiot.

2nd house--Becomes rich through women; strong body; homosexual, miserable, lazy, engaged in mean work.

39-46. The effects of the lord of 4th house posited in various houses are given below:

4th house-Good adviser, chief among men, witty, respected and wealthy, amicable qualities, cautious in regards to relations with women.

5th or 9th how-Popular, happy, devoted to Lord Govinda, broadminded, lives on his own earnings.

6th house-Irritable, angry temperament, brought up by many mothers (women), thief, evil disposition, does not care for his own comforts.

1st or 7th house-Learned in many sciences, loss of ancestral property, many marriages and separations.

8th or 12th house-Bereft of happiness, no happiness from father, impotent, illegitimate child.

10th house-Honoured by king/government, noble and pious character, clever in chemistry, cheerful, happy in many directions.

3rd or 11th house-generally healthy, wealthy, generous, noble qualities, happy with self-earned wealth.

2nd house-Wealthy, takes full enjoyment of life, blessed with wife and children, company of cheats, helpful to others, amassing money would be his main aim of life.

47-54. The effects of the lord of 5th house being posited in various houses would be as under:

5th house-Has a son with no proper means, unsteady in mind, harsh speech but inclined to do good deeds, intelligent, helpful to others.

6th or 12th house-Son becomes enemy, no issues, purchases a boy to adopt him as his son, adopts a child of another as his son.

7th house-Speaks truth, virtous disposition, tall and loyal, determined, liberal hearted.

2nd or 8th house-Many children, patient of asthma and cold, hot temperament, proud of wealth.

9 or 10th house-His son would be like a king, famous and brilliant, pilgrimages to holy places, always active.

11th house-Very popular, broadminded, highly; intelligent, would compose new works, many children, learned and respected, believer in non-violence.

1st or 3rd house-Rogue, defamer and cheat, selfish, does not help others at all.

4th house-Mother lives long, good intellect, gains high status in his young age, master of beautiful residence.

55-61-The following would be the effects of the lord of 6th house being posited in various houses:

6th house-Inimical relations with dayadins, good friendship with others, owner of conveyances, helps the poor.

1st, 7 or 11th house-Daring, no children, respected, generous, good qualities, plenty of money, famous.

8th or 12th house-Sickly, violent, does harm to living creatures, hales learned men, illicit connections with the wives of others.

9th house-Dealer in wood, stone, etc; sometimes has losses in business and gains at other times.

2nd or 10th house-Courageous, devotion to duty, foremost in his family, changes of residence, happy, good knowledge of Çästras.

3rd or 4th house-Excessive anger making the eyes red, instable mind, defamer, wealthy.

5th house-No long standing friendship, wealth and happiness unsteady, loving and sympathetic disposition, always gets his work done.

62-68-The effects of the lord of 7th house being posited in various houses would be as under:

7th house-Running after other people’s wives, bold, unsteady mind, dots not stick to his words.

6th or 8th house-Sickly, always angry and love sick, happiness, waste money on prostitutes.

2nd or 9th house-Happy in the company of beautiful women, eager but slow in work, always has women in his mind.

4th or 10th house-Wife very chaste, virtuous, keen intellect, speaks truth, suffers from diseases of teeth and face.

3rd or 11th house-The male child of the native would not survive only the girls may survive, son can be had by wife’s intercourse with another person, son may also be had by remedial measure such as use of a talisman, recitation of mantras, treatment with medicinal herbs.

12th house-Mean, greedy, wife daughter of a thief and penniless, person, livelihood by sale of clothes, friend of low class

5th house-Proud, honourable, leader amongst men, always wealthy, happy, good qualities, improvement in status by association with great men.

69-75. The effects of the lord of 8th house being posited in different houses would be as follows:

8th house-Intent on stealing other peoples properties, defames persons older to him, gambler, cheat, wife of loose moral character.

9th house-Sells medicines, bad wife, the native is also after other peoples wives and money, wife of poor parentage, wife mother of illegitimate children also

4th or 10th house-bereft of relations, back-biter, wicked, loses parents in his childhood, faces many calamities.

5th or 11th house-Good acts without beneficial results, unsteady in nature, wealth also unsteady, wicked mentality.

6th or 12th house-Always sickly, liable to be bitten by serpent or crocodile in childhood.

1st or 7th house-Two marriages, atheist, suffers from ulcers in the body.

2nd or 3rd house-No courage, would lose wealth permanently.

76-81. The effects of the lord of 9th house being posited in different houses would be as follows:

9th house-Wealthy, house-full of grains, many brothers with whom he has happy relations, wishes fulfilled.

4th or 10th house-Minister or commander of army, virtuous, no anger, famous and happy.

5th or 11th house-Fortunate, honourable and happy, virtuous with good qualities, charitable.

6th, 8th or 12th house-Unlucky, happiness from uncle only through money, elder brothers life miserable.

1st or 7th house-Very famous for his good qualities, wishes fulfilled.

2nd or 3rd house-labours to get lock, good qualities, passionate and wealthy, learned, fulfilment of desires.

82-87. The effects of the lord of 10th house when posited in different houses would be as under:

4th or 10th house- wise with good qualities, brave like a lion, virtuous, speaks the truth, has grace of gods, pays respect to learned men.

5th or 11th house-Wealth in abundance, many children, his house would be meeting centre of wealthy persons, truthful, has all comforts and happiness.

6th, 8th or 12th house-Troubled by enemy or disease, remains sad although intelligent and clever.

1st house-Good poet, likeable qualities; sickly and troubled in early age; happy in later life.

2nd, 3rd or 7th house-Learned, proud, virtuous, truthful; noble; world-famous; sympathetic and merciful.

9th house-Fortunate in every respect, magnanimous but remains worried and without peace of mind inspite of his prosperity.

88-95. The effects of the lord of 11th house when posited in different houses would be as under:

11th house-leader of men; eloquent speaker; everything available in abundance; learned; composer of poems; increase good qualities day-by-day.

12th house-Association with yavanas (people of other religions); contact with young women; passionate; ultimately a man of very loose moral character.

1st house-Fluent speaker; wealthy; just and impartial; cheerful disposition; famous; bereft of undesirable associations; good at heart;

2nd or 3rd house-Pilgrimage to holy places and baths in sacred rivers etc. as a result of his religious inclinations; virtuous acts; steady mind; miserable on account of attacks of pain in the stomach.

4th or 9th house-All riches; happy in all respects; good conduct; powerful; obedient sons; enjoys fruits of good and pious deeds in previous life.

6th house-Deaf; also otherwise sickly; Though happy but would be away from home; takes pleasure in doing service to others.

7th or 8th house-Not liked by women; Passionate; generous; wealthy; spends money on those who act against him.

9th or 10th house-Homage from kings or Governments; good conduct, perfect; truthful and helpful to others: famous; respected; wealthy.

96-101. The effects of the lord of 12th house when placed in different houses would be as under:

6th or 12th house-Sinful acts; hot temperament; hates mother; no issues; would have contacts with other peoples wives,

1st or 7th house-Weak body; sickly on account of excess of phlegm; no wealth; uneducated; no conjugal happiness.

2nd or 8th house-Keen devotee of Lord Krishna; good conduct; kindly nature; charitable.

3rd or 9th house-Takes care of the upkeep of his body and health; hates his elders his wife and children and those who are superior to him in position.

2nd or 4th horse-No happiness to children, father and mother; lives in other peoples house and earns his livelihood by trade or agriculture.

5th or 11th house-No children; adopts or purchases a boy; possessed pearls, jewels etc.

102. The effects of the lords of various houses when posited in different houses as described above, would be realised in proportion to the strength or weakness of the planets, house concerned and their vargas.

Mars when retrograde, would specially show the effects of the house that is fourth from it. Jupiter would produce particularly the effects of the house fifth from it, Mercury would show the effects of the house fourth from it. Venus of the house seventh from it and Saturn of the house ninth from it. Moon will cause effects of the house second to it at the time of its transit through the Equinoctial point.

103. Planets placed at the beginning of a sign produce effects beneficial or malefic in accordance with their association with or aspect by benefic or malefic planets and not at the end of the sign. All these principles are based on those contained in Samhitas (text) written by ancient astrologers.

104. Thus comes to close the Samhita Sanketa containing the essence extracted from various Samhitas-the sixth of Sanketa-nidhi-a work written by Rama Dayalu the astrologer, for the

benefit of Ghasi Ram Sharma, the son of his eldest brother, so that he may become proficient in astrology.

End of the sixth Sanketa


1. In this Sanketa the Author deals with certain effects-good or bad which according to him have been described by our ancient sages and which are not generally found in other works. The author advises that in a birth chart all the twelve houses should be critically examined by the astrologers and only then the result should be declared.

2. From the first house should be considered everything about the natives body, complexion, marks or molds, longevity, manner of living, caste, temperament, happiness or otherwise. From the second house should be found out all about goods, precious stones, wealth minerals etc. possessed by the native and also about his friends. From the third house should be examined all matters relating to courage, brothers, servants, journeys and father.

3. From fourth house should be examined all about ancestral property, wealth, lands, dwelling place and mothers happiness. From the fifth house we should consider every thing about mantras, learning (education), means of earning money and children. All about ones arrest or imprisonment, diseases, the native is likely to suffer from enemies, maternal uncle and his family etc., should be considered from the sixth house. The seventh house deals with., matters relating to stolen or lost articles, wife or other women coming in contact with the native, losing of temper, partners in trade etc.

4. The 8th house is concerned with everything about places difficult to reach, lost articles, differences amongst members of the family, dead relations, mental trouble, and destruction by or of enemy. From the ninth house are considered matters relating to sources of profit or gains, happiness, pleasure, desires, luck and road (journeys). The tenth house deals with matters concerning meritorious deeds, business, gain of wealth, shraddha on deceased ancestors, etc. Matters like homage, gifts, king, gains of wealth, daughters, friends cattle, real and good effects are to be looked from the 11th house.

5. Various kinds of ditliculties; sufferings, caused obstacles by the enemy, imprisonment, etc. should be considered from 12th house by the pundits in astrology. In this connection all the effects mentioned in the previous Sanketas should also be kept in mind when the effects of a house are analysed. The disposition of two houses on each aide of the said house, seventh house, Ascendant and 12th from each of them should also be taken into account as they also influence the results. The effects are also influenced as a result of aspect on houses from planets in debilitation, exaltation, own signs etc.

6. The following points have also to be taken into consideration. 1) When the lord of a house be posited in its sign of debilitation he cannot be expected to yield favourable results. 2) When a planet in its sign of exaltation be associated with a planet in debilitation, it would give only medium results. 3) When a planet in its debilitation sign be associated with one in exaltation, it would also give medium results.

7. When a planet aspects fully a house the effects would be realised in the year signified by the number of the sign owned by that planet counted from Ascendant. The effects should be predicted in accordance with this principle for natives whole life by the addition of as many twelve year periods as may be necessary.

8. If the eflects of any planet posited at the beginning of a sign become manifest in the early years of the life of the native, the astrologers should predict after assessing the strength of the planet that such effects would be available only in the early life. If such planet be posited at the end of a sign, very ordinary or no results could be expected. Avasthas (postures) of the planets at birth should also be taken into account while declaring the effects of such planets. According to the author, such secrets of the science of Astrology can be known only by devotion to the preceptor.

9. If the lord of a house be associated with a malefic planet, occupies a dusthana, the sign owned by an inimical planet or its sign of debilitation and the house be also weak, the good effects of that house would be completely lost. The effect would be middling, if the lord of house be posited in a neutral position. The lords of quadrants and trines are capable of producing very beneficial results but they would be powerless to yield good results if posited in 2nd or 12th house to each other and be associated with malefics.

10. Find out the position of Moon three days before the day of birth. If at that time Moon was strong and was associated with or aspected by benefics, it should be predicted that the third year of life of the native would prove favourable to him. The result would be quite opposite if Moon was weak and associated with or aspected by malefics.

11. Similarly we can declare in respect of 7th 10th or 4th year of life of the native by finding out the disposition and strength of Moon 7, 10 or 4 days prior to the day of the birth of the native.

12. If we add the number indicated by planet to the number of house in which it be placed, the total would signify the year (since birth) in which the effect of the planet would be realised. Similarly if we multiply the two numbers, the product of the two would indicate in which year the effect of the planet would come to pass. For example, if we add the number of the sign in which Ascendant be posited to the number of the sign in which Ascendant lord be placed, or if we multiply the two numbers the total and the product would indicate the year (since birth) in which the results of the Ascendant Lord would be experienced by the native. If the Lords of Ascendant and house occupied by him be mutual friends, the effects would come off more accurately.

13. If planets strong during night-time be placed in night signs and planets strong during day-time if placed in day-signs, with the lord of Ascendant posited in the visible half, all the difficulties of the native would be solved and he would be happy and comfortable.

14. The native may expect auspicious results if the Lord of Ascendant and lord of the sign occupied by Moon be not associated with or aspected by malefics. Saturn being in its sign of debilitation or inimical sign, if posited in 4th, 10th or 5th, would not yield favourable results.

15. If a malefic planet be associated with or aspected by a benefic, it would be auspicious during its transit in several houses indicated in Gochara (transit) and Ashtakavarga (eight fold divisions). Similarly a planet, though he may be bene6c in Gochara and Ashtakavarga may give inauspicious results if he be associated with or aspected by a malefic. If the birth chart or Rasi chart (Janma Kundli) be strong, the effect has to be expected at the commencement of every twelve year cycle. The effect would be felt in the year denoted by the 30 year cycle if Navamsa be strong.

16. The native is likely to suffer from a terrible venereal disease on account of illicit sexual relations, if the lord of 7th house be not a benefic planet, be not posited in a sign owned by a benefic and be not associated with or aspected by a benefic and at the same time 7th house be under malefic influence. The effects of other houses, planets, etc. are to be assessed in a similar manner, and by favour of All-Mighty obtained through devotion.

17. Thus ends the special Sanketa of the Sanketanidhi, a work written by Shri Rama Dayalu the Astrologer, for the benefit of Shri Ghasi Rama, the son of his eldest brother, so that be may become proficient in Astrology.

End of Sanketa Seven