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1. If in the chart prepared at the time of conception or query, and also the Navamsa chart Ascendant, Jupiter, Moon and Sun are posited in odd signs the birth of amale child should be predicted. If in even signs the birth of a female issue is to be predicted.

2. 5th or the 7th sign from the position of Moon in the query chart or the chart prepared for the time of conception, would be the Janma Rasi (the sign occupied by Moon) in the birth chart. 5th or the 7th sign from Navamsa of the query lagna (Ascendant) or conception Lagna could alos be Janma Rasi in the birth chart. Actually the delivery is likely to take place when Moon in transit passes through Navamsa owned by Adhana (conception) or Prasna (query) Lagna, whichever is stronger, or when Moon transits the sign owned by strongest of the planets owning Saptamsa, Navamsa, Dvadasamsa and Trimsamsa occupied by Moon.

3. When Sun is posited in qudruped sign in conception or query chart and remaining planet are strongly placed in dual signs, birth of twins would take place.

If malefics be not aspected by benefits, or be at the junction of two signs or in even signs and be associated with Moon the child born would be stupid.

4. If the malefics be posited at the function of signs and Moon be in Taurus (exaltation sign of the Moon) aspected by a malefic, the native would be dumb or mute. If Moon and Sun be in Leo and be aspected by malefics, the native born would be sightless or blind.

5. If malefics be posited in malefic signs (i.e. signs owned by malefic planets) which are 5th, 7th or 9th from Sun, the father of the native at the time of birth would be under restraint (may be in prison). If Sun be in a moveable sign, such restraint would be in a foreign country, if in a fixed sign in the home country and if in a dual sign the restraint would be at a place falling on the way, to the homeland. The direction of the place would be in accordance with sign occupied by Sun. If Moon be posited in the last portion or en-point of a sign and ascendat not aspected by Moon, the birth of the child would take place during absence of the father from the place of birth.

6. If Moon does not aspect Ascendant, be posited between Mercury and Venus, Saturn be in Ascendant and Mars in 7th, the father would be away at the time of birth. taken place soon after his birth. If Sun and Venus aspected by Mars be posited in 6th, 8th or 12th house, the father of the child would not be alive at the time of his birth.

7. It should be predicted that the father of the child had died before his birth, if Sun and Venus be in a moveable sign and be associated with or aspected by Mars.

If there be malefics in 12th and 2nd houses from the Ascendant and the Lord of Ascendant being weak, be in 9th or 4th house, it can be said that the father of the native was very sick at the time of native's birth.

8. If the birth takes place at night and Saturn associated with a malefic, be in 5th or 9th house from Moon, the mother of the native would die at the time of his birth. If the birth takes place during day time and Mars be in trine to Venus, the mother would die at the time of birth of the native. If in case of night birth, Mars be associated with Saturn in a moveable sign, it is to be understood that the death of the father had already occurred in a place away from the place of birth.

9. The same would happen, if Saturn and Mars be conjoined with Sun in a moveable sign. If malefics occupy Ascendant, 7th, 8th and 12th it should be understood that the death of the mother of the native had taken place soon after his birth. If 7th, 8th and 9th houses from Ascendant be occupjed by malefics, it should be predicted that both mother and child would die soon after the birth of the latter. If all the malefics occupy 6th and 12th houses from Ascendant and Moon, the mother would survive but the child would die soon after birth. If malefics occupy Ascendant Moon sign, 7th and 8th houses from Ascendant or Moon, the child born would survive but the mother would die soon after his birth.

10. The number of female attendants in the delivery room would be equal to the number of planets posited between Ascendant and Moon. The number of female attendants outside the delivery room would be equal to the number of planets on the left side of Ascendant (visible half) and the number of such persons inside the delivery room would be equal to planets posited on the right side of Ascendant (invisible half). If these planets be benefits, the lady attendants would be of superior class. They would belong to low class if such planets be malefics. The left or the visible half begins from the portion of the 7th house still to set and extends to the rising portion of first house; the other half of the Zodiac is called "invisible".

11. In this Sloka some more clues have been given to find out the number of female attendants. If in the visible half referred to in the previous Sloka there be any retrograde planet or planets in their signs of exaltation, the number of attendants would be thrice the number of such planets. If planets be in their own sign, Navamsa Drekkana etc. the number of attendants would be twice the number of such planets. If there be planets which are combust, or m their sign of debilitation or in inimical signs or trik houses (6th, 8th or 12th), the number of attendants would be half of the number of such planets. If Ascendant is Aries or Pisces the number of attendants would be two. In the case of Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio, Leo, Virgo or Gemini Ascendants the number of attendants would be three. In Taurus or Aquarius, Ascendants the number of attendants would be four. In case of Cancer or Sagittarius Ascendant, the number of attendants would be five.

12. In this Sloka the author tells that the direction of the delivery room should be determined by the sign of Ascendant at birth. If the rising sign or Ascendant be Aries, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio or Aquarius, the delivery room would be in the Eastern portion of the house. If Ascendant be Leo or Capricorn, the room would be to the Southern side of the house, If Ascendant be Taurus the room would be in the Western portion of the house. If Ascendant be owned by Mercury or Jupiter, the delivery room would be to the Northern side of the house. The four pairs of moveablt and fixed signs beginning with Aries represent the East and other principal directions in which the bed of the lady concerned is placed in the room. The four dual signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces, signify the four intermediate points, namely, SE., SW, NW. and NE. Or the direction may correspond to that denoted by the sign occupied by Rahu.

13. When Ascendant is Gemini, Capricorn, Taurus or Leo, the child would cry loudly after the birth. His cries would be of subdued nature when Ascendant be Virgo or Aquarius. There would be no cries at all if Ascendant falls in other signs. The birth would take place on an bare ground if Ascendant falls in any of the following signs viz. Gemini, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Scorpio or Aries.

14. The two front legs of the cot in the delivery room are represented by 3rd and 12th houses. 3rd represents the right leg and 12th the left leg. The hind legs are represented by 6th and 9th houses-the 6th representing the right and 9th the left leg. 4th and 5th houses represent the right side of the intral portion of the cot and 10th and 11th houses the left side. The portions of the cot would be defective if there be malefics in houses representing them.

15. The planets posited in quadrants according to their strength indicate the door of the delivery room. When there be more then one planet in quadrants the door should be found by the the strongest amongst them. If there be no planet, the position of the door is to be ascertained by the sign occupied by Ascendant. The head and other parts of the cot would be in the direction indicated by Ascendant. The strongest planet aspecting Ascendant would indicate the clothes, worn, food taken etc.

16. This Sloka deals with particulars of the lamp in the delivery room. Moon determines the oil in the lamp, Sun indicates whether the lamp is of a moveable nature or fixed one. Ascendant tells us about the wick in the lamp. The lamp would be moveable if Sun occupies a moveable sign. The lamp would be of fixed type if Sun occupies a fixed sign. The sign occupied by Sun would also indicate the position of the lamp on or near the cot.

17. If Sun be posited in a dual sign, the lamp would be placed at the position indicated by the sign and it would be flickering. Moons Drekkana 1st, 2nd or 3rd, or Moons fullness or otherwise, would indicate the quantity of oil in the lamp. We can also ascertain the portion of the wick that has been learnt from the condition of Moon mentioned above.

18-19. If Moon be in Ascendant, 6th or 8th house, the lamp would be without oil at the time of birth. If Moon be in 2nd house or Saturn be in 10th house, the lamp would contain oil.

From Sun is ascertained the position of the lamp. If Sun be between Ascendant and Moon, the lamp would contain ghee. It would contain oil if there be Saturn between Ascendant and Moon.

20-21. There would be a number of lamps in the delivery room at the time of birth if a strong Sun be aspected by Saturn and Mars. If the above disposition be not present and instead, there be a strong planet in 12th house there would be light from hay fire. The structure of the building containing the delivery room Would be flimsy and made mostly of wood if Sun be strong in the Chart. The delivery room would be: (a) a new one if Moon be strong. (b) attractive and pleasant if Venus be strong, (c) very beautiful and artistic and decorated with pictures, if Mercury he strong. (d) a burnt one if Mars be strong. (e) old and renovated if Saturn be strong. (f) strong and durable if Jupiter be strong by beillg in its own sign on Navamsa. (g) double storied or with two halls if Jupiter lie in a dual sign (h) three storyed or with three halls if the Jupiter be posited in Sagittarius (i) many storied if Jupiter be at his highest exaltation point in Cancer.

22. Which metal would be in prominence may be ascertained from the strength of Sun etc. Copper, Chandrakanta mani (Moonstone) gold, alloy of metals, silver, pearls, iron would be in prominence if Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus are respectively strong in the chart (birth or query chart). If Sun or Moon be strong, the child would possess the nature and qualities of his father and mother respectively. If Sun be strong at birth, the, qualities of the child born would be in accordance with planet in whose Trimsamsa Sun be posited.

23. The natives appearance would correspond to the lord of rising Navamsa, or it would be according to planet which is most powerful at birth. His Complexion would be in accordance with the lord of Navamsa, occupied by Moon.

24. Mars and Saturn be posited in Ascendant of a person, there would be abortion or miscarriage to his wife. If the native of the chart be a female she would herself suffer from abortion. Abortion would also take place if Moon aspects or is associated with the above two planets.

25. Planets which are significators for father and mother during day-birth or night-birth give full effect, if the birth occurs at the beginning of the day or the night as the case may be. The effect would be moderate if birth takes place in the middle portion while it would be very light if the birth takes place at the close of the day or night. This rule applies in effects good or bad produced by two pairs of significators planets as well.

26. Various parts of the human body are represented by 36 dccanates into which the Zodiac is divided. If any particular decanate be occupied by a benefic planet, there would be a mole, in the corresponding part of the body. If any decanate is occupied by a malefic, there would be an ulcer or wound is the corresponding part of the body, If four planets, including Mercury, be posited in any Part or drekkana of the Kalapurusha there would be a mole or like in that part. Similar result would accrue if a sign or house be occupied by Sun-Moon, jointly.

27-28. A proficient astrologer should find out all about ones body from Ascendant. All about wealth and happiness should be examined from Hora-Lagna. Happiness etc. of relations should be ascertained from Drekkana Lagna, children from the Saptamsa-Lagna, wifes happiness etc. from the Navamsa-Lagna, about the parents from Dwadasamsa-Lagna, about ones cherished desires from Trimsamsa-Lagna. All these details may be also be ascertained from Natal Ascendant.

29. Matters relating to natives father should be ascertained from 9th and 10th houses from Sun, those relating to mother from 4th house from Moon, those relating to brothers from 3rd house from Mars, those relating to maternal uncle and his children from 4th house reckoned from Mercury and those relating to children from 5th house from Jupiter.

30. Matters relating to ones wife may be ascertained from 7th house reckoned from Venus and information regarding perpetuation or extruction of ones family may be obtained by examining 8th house from Saturn. It is very necessary that in all above cases, conclusions be arrived at after carefully taking into account the strength of the particular house, of the planet from which it is reckoned and of the planet owning the house in question. Only after such examination and after having full devotion to God the astrologer should make predictions about the prosperity or otherwise of the particular relation.

31-Thus comes to close the 2nd Sanketa entitled Prasuti (birth) of Sanketanidhi, a work authored by Rama Dayalu the Astrologer, for the benefit of Shri Ghasi Ram son of his eldest brother (Shri Vazir Chandra Sharma) so that he gains proficiency in Astrology.

Thus ends the 2nd Sanketa on birth, in the work Sanketanidhi