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Chapter 1



  1. A Sun-Moon combination confers rajayoga
  2. Venus is a maraka
  3. Jupiter becomes a maraka if he occupies Capricorn
  4. A Jupiter-Saturn association doesn’t confer a rajayoga
  5. An Aries native will have fear of diseases (especially smallpox), weapons and injuries
  6. If Mars conjoins Mercury, death by brain disease occurs in his dasa and bhukti
  7. This is the only lagna where it’s great if the 2nd lord is in the 12th; this isn’t the case with any other lagnas
  8. A Mars-Venus combination can be both favorable and fatal
  9. Mars, when conjoined with Jupiter and Venus in Taurus, becomes a yogakaraka
  10. If the above combination occurs in Gemini, there isn’t any yoga
  11. If Mars conjoins Jupiter in Cancer, he becomes a yogakaraka
  12. Mars will prove a benefic during his dasa if he’s in Leo
  13. Jupiter in Aquarius won’t automatically give good results in his dasa
  14. A Mercury-Mars combination in Virgo gives the native skin diseases, eruptions and wounds
  15. The native will possess self-earned wealth if Mars and Venus are in Libra
  16. Mars, if in conjunction with Sun and Venus in Scorpio, will confer some fame
  17. There’s a special yoga produced when Mars, Sun and Jupiter are in Sagittarius, with Venus and Saturn in Libra
  18. Venus confers a rajayoga if he’s in lagna with the Sun and unaspected by Jupiter
  19. Sun will become a yogakaraka when aspected by Jupiter; the same can’t be said for Venus when she’s aspected by Jupiter
  20. A Sun-Mercury-Venus combination in Aquarius is a fortunate combination, with all three conferring riches during their dasas and bhuktis
  21. When Sun is in lagna and Moon in Cancer, the native enjoys a rajayoga
  22. A Sun-Jupiter-Venus combination in Capricorn helps the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga


  1. Neither is Saturn a yogakaraka, nor do Sun and Mercury confer any fortunes if they’re in lagna
  2. If there’s a Mars-Jupiter combination in Capricorn or Rahu is in Aquarius, the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga
  3. Moon is capable of producing a yoga when posited in Leo and aspected by either Jupiter or Mercury
  4. Mars, when in 7th, is a benefic. If Sun and Jupiter are conjoined in Pisces, long life is indicated
  5. A Jupiter-Mercury association causes dhana yoga
  6. The above dhana yoga is destroyed if either planet is aspected by Mars
  7. There will be debts during Mercury’s dasa if there’s an association between Mars, Jupiter and Mercury
  8. Jupiter’s dasa will give mixed results whereas Mars’ dasa gives wealth. If Mercury is in a quadrant, the native is blessed with happiness during its dasa
  9. If Mercury and Venus are in lagna and Jupiter is in Scorpio, Mercury dasa will be fortunate
  10. If Mars and Venus are in lagna, and Jupiter is in Capricorn, both Mercury’s and Jupiter’s dasas will be fortunate
  11. If Saturn, Mercury and Mars are in Capricorn, and Rahu in Pisces, the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga during the dasas of Mars and Rahu
  12. If Moon and Venus are in Libra, with Jupiter and Mercury in Pisces, Jupiter dasa will cause a dhana yoga
  13. Lots of wealth are indicated in the Venus dasa
  14. Moon in lagna isn’t very auspicious, and will afflict other dhana yogas present in the chart
  15. The native becomes very fortunate if Moon is in the lagna of any sign other than Taurus


  1. The placement of Sun and Mercury in Leo proves fortunate in Mercury’s dasa
  2. A Venus-Moon-Mars conjunction in Cancer results in wealth during the Venus dasa
  3. There will be mixed results during Saturn dasa if Mars is in Cancer, with Moon and Saturn in Capricorn
  4. With the above planetary placement, Mars confers wealth during his dasa
  5. If Mars and Saturn are in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn, the native’s prosperity and wealth get mostly destroyed during the dasas of Mars and Saturn
  6. Despite being the lord of 2nd, Moon isn’t a maraka
  7. When Saturn is in Aquarius and there’s a Mars-Moon conjunction in Aries, a powerful dhana yoga results
  8. If Saturn and Jupiter are in Aquarius, the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga during the dasas of Jupiter and Saturn
  9. When Mercury is in Aries, misunderstandings with elder brother are indicated


  1. While Mercury proves fruitful, Jupiter doesn’t cause any yoga
  2. Mars is a yogakaraka, and even more so if posited in either of his own houses
  3. Venus can also be a benefic, but only if he’s posited either in Leo or Gemini
  4. If Mars, Jupiter and Moon are in Leo, with Sun and Venus in Scorpio, the native will become wealthy and fortunate
  5. If Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio, Mercury confers fortune during its dasa
  6. If Mercury, Venus and Moon are in Gemini, Jupiter in Cancer and Sun in Aries, the result is a maha rajayoga and will definitely make the native a king
  7. If Sun and Mars are in Aries, the native will always be wealthy. Death results during the Jupiter dasa
  8. If Mercury and Venus are in Gemini, Venus dasa will prove fortunate
  9. A Jupiter-Moon conjunction in lagna will make the native famous and fortunate
  10. When Moon is in lagna, rajayogas are produced when either Mars is in Capricorn, Saturn is in Libra, or Sun is in Aries
  11. When there’s a combination of Sun and Mercury in lagna, Venus in Libra, and Moon-Mars-Jupiter in Taurus, the native becomes bankrupt during the Sun dasa, while other dasas will be good
  12. If Mercury and Jupiter are in Taurus, and Saturn and Rahu are in Scorpio, the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga during the Rahu dasa


  1. Sun-Mercury-Mars or Sun-Jupiter-Mercury conjunctions indicate wealth, whereas only a Sun-Mercury combination indicates moderate fortunes
  2. A Jupiter-Venus combine causes destruction of other yogas
  3. Venus can’t produce a yoga. However, he becomes a benefic when in Libra but a malefic when in Taurus
  4. If there’s a Sun-Mercury-Mars conjunction in lagna, the Mercury dasa brings in much wealth
  5. The Saturn dasa will be fortunate if there’s a Saturn-Mars combination in Cancer


  1. A Sun-Moon-Venus association will bring in lots of wealth during the Sun dasa
  2. The native loses wealth during the Venus dasa. Mixed results can be expected during the Moon dasa
  3. When Moon and Venus are in Pisces, with Jupiter in Cancer and Sun in Aries, during the Jupiter and Venus dasas, the native will have multiple wives, who will all be alive. Virgo natives possess women of high rank
  4. A Jupiter-Venus combine in Sagittarius produces fortunes during their dasas and bhuktis
  5. If Saturn is in Cancer, its dasa will be fruitful


  1. Saturn is a yogakaraka. Though lord of 3rd and 6th, Jupiter is also capable of producing yogas
  2. Mars doesn’t become a maraca, although it lords the 2nd and 7th houses
  3. If Jupiter and Venus are associated or are aspected by Saturn and Mars, during the Jupiter or Venus dasas and bhuktis, the native suffers from skin infections and wounds
  4. If Sun and Mercury are in Virgo and aspected by Saturn, the father will be fortunate
  5. If Mars is in association with Sun, Saturn and Mercury, it produces immense good
  6. If Sun, Mercury and Saturn are combined with either Moon or Mars, a rajayoga is produced
  7. If there’s a Sun-Venus-Mercury combination in lagna, the native gets very fortunate and wealthy
  8. If in lagna there are Mercury, Saturn and Venus, or the Moon and Mars in Aries, the Mercury dasa will prove fruitful
  9. The presence of Mars and Mercury in Leo, Jupiter in Taurus and Saturn in Gemini creates a rajayoga
  10. If Moon is in lagna with Jupiter either in Virgo or Pisces, the Saturn dasa brings in wealth and fortune
  11. Venus becomes a maraca if he’s in the ascendant
  12. If the Saturn is in lagna and Moon in Cancer, a rajayoga results
  13. If Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars are in Aquarius, and Rahu is in Cancer, the native enjoy dips in holy rivers like the Ganga during the Rahu dasa


  1. An association of Jupiter and Mercury brings in wealth
  2. If Jupiter is in Capricorn, the native will be charitable
  3. If Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Taurus, the Mercury dasa confers lots of fame and power
  4. When Jupiter and Mercury are in Pisces with Moon in Virgo, the native will be fortunate
  5. If there’s a Jupiter-Moon-Ketu combine in Cancer, the Ketu dasa will be ordinary but the Jupiter dasa excellent


  1. Saturn, when in Aries, confers prosperity during its dasa
  2. This is the only ascendant for which Saturn in 11th confers a yoga
  3. If Sun and Venus are in Leo with Saturn in Aquarius, the Saturn dasa will bring in wealth


  1. If Mercury is in Leo with Jupiter in lagna and aspected by Venus, long life is conferred, but with poverty
  2. Venus in in Taurus is good; if in Libra, though, he may not prove so fortunate
  3. If Venus and Mercury are in lagna with Moon in Taurus aspected by Jupiter, the native is certain to become an emperor. This is called a maharaja yoga
  4. If Jupiter is in lagna with Venus and Mars in Scorpio, brothers will give the native riches during the Jupiter dasa
  5. When Sun, Moon and Mercury are in lagna, with Mars and Venus in Sagittarius, the native will be replete with wealth
  6. A Saturn-Mercury combination in Virgo confers fortune. Rahu becomes a yogakaraka if he’s with Jupiter in Sagittarius
  7. The presence of Moon in Cancer and Mars in lagna causes a rajayoga


  1. For both Aquarius and Leo ascendant natives, the mere association of the 9th and 10th lords doesn’t confer any rajayoga
  2. If Venus and Rahu are in lagna with Sun in Scorpio, yoga will be caused in the dasas of Rahu and Jupiter
  3. If Sun and Mars are in Virgo, the native suffers during their dasas. The Mercury dasa will be better
  4. Jupiter in lagna with Saturn in Pisces will see mixed results during the Jupiter dasa and an ordinary time during the Saturn dasa
  5. If Saturn and Venus are in Sagittarius, the Venus dasa proves fortunate
  6. A Sun-Mercury-Jupiter combine in Aries is good, especially during the Sun dasa when the native enjoys power


  1. While Venus in 12th produces benefic results for all other ascendants, this isn’t the case for either Pisces or Aquarius
  2. Saturn in Aquarius is good. However, if Moon is in Aquarius, the native suffers poverty (though there’s an alleviation of this in Jupiter dasa, Moon bhukti)
  3. Jupiter in Cancer will bestow more daughters than sons
  4. If Moon is in Aries and Mars in Cancer, Moon’s dasa brings wealth
  5. If Moon and Mars are in Capricorn, Jupiter in Leo, Venus in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio, the native will be highly fortunate
  6. A Moon-Mercury-Mars combine in Capricorn is an indicator of wealth and conveyances
  7. If Saturn and Moon are in lagna, Mars in Capricorn and Venus in Leo, predict fortune for the native
  8. If Mercury, Jupiter, Moon and Mars are in lagna, the dasas of these planets bring in immense fame, power and prosperity
  9. Jupiter posited in Sagittarius certainly causes a rajayoga
  10. If Moon is in Taurus, Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, Venus in Libra, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Capricorn, there’ll be much fortune to the native. Even if one or two of these combinations are absent, there’ll still the full effects of a rajayoga