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Chapter 2

Dhana yogas

  1. If the there’s a parivartana between either the 2nd and 5th lords or the 2nd and 11th lords, the native earns a lot. This is also true for the placement of the 5th and 9th lords in their own houses
  2. If the lords of 2nd and 11th are associated with lords of the 5th and 9th, dhana yoga results.
  3. If the said planets (2nd and 11th)are associated with lords other than the 5th and 9th, no dhana yoga results; however, the native does enjoy moderate wealth
  4. There’ll be loss of wealth if the 12th lord associates with the 2nd and 11th lords
  5. It’s always fortunate for Jupiter to associate with the 2nd lord and Mercury
  6. If the 1st, 2nd and 11th lords are in their own houses, a dhana yoga is formed
  7. If the 2nd and 11th lords are in the lagna, a powerful dhana yoga results
  8. If the different karakas are present in their respective bhavas, such bhavas lose their vitality and give rise to very little of their indications
  9. For Capricornians, if Moon is alone in Aquarius, the native regains lost wealth

Poverty yogas

  1. If the lagna lord is in 8th, together with lords of 4th and 9th, there’s sure to be lifelong poverty
  2. If there’s a parivartana between the 2nd and 12th lords, poverty is certain
  3. If the 2nd lord is in 12th, the 12th lord in lagna and aspected by a malefic, poverty is indicated

Education yogas

  1. Venus or Mercury in 4th makes the native proficient in music and astrology respectively
  2. If Rahu conjoins either Sun or Mercury in 5th, the native becomes an expert in astrology and dealing with poisons
  3. A Sun-Mercury combination in 2nd makes one a good astrologer. If this combination is aspected by Saturn, the native becomes a mathematician
  4. Sun and Mars in 2nd makes one a logician. Saturn, Mercury and Sun in 5th makes the native an expert in philosophy
  5. A Sun-Mercury combine in either a quadrant, trine or 11th makes one a mathematician. Venus in 2nd makes one a poet
  6. Rahu in 4th confers long life to the mother. If in 5th, the native becomes an expert in understanding inner meanings of things
  7. Jupiter in 2nd, especially when that happens to be either Sagittarius, Pisces or Cancer, makes one an expert in the Vedas
  8. It’s fortunate to have Jupiter and the 2nd lord associated in a quadrant or trine
  9. The presence of Moon and Mars in 2nd makes one a priest
  10. Saturn in the 2nd makes one vindictive and a fool

Tastes and speech

  1. If Saturn is in or aspects the 3rd, or associated with the lord of the 3rd, the native would be inclined to sour and pungent flavors
  2. If Mars is in or aspects the 3rd, or associated with the lord of the 3rd, the native would be inclined to hot food
  3. If Jupiter is in or aspects the 3rd, or associated with the lord of the 3rd, the native would like sattvik food
  4. Venus in 2nd would make one loose in morals
  5. Ketu or Jupiter in 2nd would make one a clever speaker. If there’s Saturn, he’s liable to speak rudely
  6. Moon in the 2nd would make the native talkative. If Sun and Mars are in 2nd, the person speaks harshly
  7. If Mercury is in 2nd, he’ll speak cleverly and skillfully. If Rahu is present, he’ll speak with humility
  8. If Venus is in 2nd, the native would like milk and sweets. Rahu or Ketu in 2nd makes one adaptable
  9. If Saturn is in 2nd, the food eaten by the native gets polluted by sudras