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Chapter I. General Observations

Divisions of Humanity - Masculine, Feminine, Eunuch
Obalachari and Obalamma
Change of Sex - How Males are turned into Females and vice versa

Chapter II. Female Peculiarities

Arthava Lagna
Janma Lagna
Odd and Even Signs
Different Combinations
Judging Planetary Influences

Chapter III. Combinations for Prostitutes

Characteristics of Girls
Delicate Demarcations
Precautions in Predictions
Cunning Women
How a Woman becomes a Whore, Debaucher and a Shrew
Combinations for Adultery
Loving Wife
Barren and Child less
Fondness for Low Class Men

Chapter IV. Precautions in Predictions

Delicacies to be noted - Moral and Virtuous Behaviour
Immoral Actions - Sins and Happiness
Sorrowful Loafer
Extreme Passion
Varieties of Sins
Self-willed Whore Amiable Qualities
Immoral and Short tempered Husband
Learned and Intellectual

Chapter V. Sources of Strength and Weakness

Excellent Analysing Power
Mean and Hateful Fellow
Unmarried Women
Sympathetic Wife and Children
Heaven and Hell on Earth

Chapter VI. Beneficial Aspects and Conjunctions

Agreeable Temper
Attractive Personality - important Combinations -
Promiscuous Intercourse
Philosophical Knowledge - Religious Wisdom
Planets in different Houses
Extraordinary Women - Ascetic Women -
Dead Children

Chapter VII. Characteristics of the Twelve Rasis

Results of Different Lagnas
Results of the Moon's Position in Different Signs
Stellar Influences
Habits - Astrological Technicalities.

Chapter VIII. Results of Constellations

Aswini, agreeable - Bharani, cruel - Krittika, quarrelsome - Mrigasira, handsome - Aridra, irritable - Aslesha, sinful deeds - Makha, royal comforts - Uttara, steady - Hasta, charming - Revati, dignified, etc.

Chapter IX. Bhava Phala or the Significations of the Planets in the Twelve Houses

Sun in the 12 Houses
Moon in the 12 Houses
Mars in the 12 Houses
Jupiter, Venus and Saturn in the 12 Houses

Chapter X. Rajayogas or Auspicious Combinations

Planetary Dispositions for Wealth - Royal Females and Immorality
Immense Wealth - Political Power –
Luxuries and Conveyances - Queen and Empress
Virtuous and Faithful

Chapter XI. Other Kinds of Yogas

Long Marital States
Sahacharya Yogas Combinations for Widowhood
Love and Morality
Varieties of Widows - Husband Killers
Moral Discipline
Platonic Love - Dangerous Maids

Chapter XII. Puberty and Menses

Effects of Lunar Days on First Menses
Divya Drishti - Subtle Influences
Greatness of Indian Sciences – Shonitha
Results of Weekdays on First Menses
Auspicious and Evil Constellations
Remarks for Serious Reflection
Results of Yogas and Karanas
Influences of Time
Influences of Planets on First Menses
Special Influences
Influences of Places

Chapter XIII. Results to be Predicted from the Direction of the Questioner

Tracing Details of Menses from Question Time
Remedies for Evils
Rationale of Remedies - Folly and Crooked Views of Scientists
Religious Remedies
Results of Clothes on Menses
Purification after Menses

Chapter XIV. Results of Planetary Positions at the time of First

The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Rahu and
Ketu in the 12 Houses at the Appearance of First Menses -
Incantations - Pisachas - Rakshasas - Kama - Rupas - The World of Devils - 
Ignorance of European Scientists

Chapter XV. Special Rules

Importance of Lagna
When to refer to Chandra Lagna
Time for Completion of Strijataka

Appendix I. Essential to Understand My Works

Sanskrit, Mother of all Languages - Sanskrit Sciences
Zodiacal Signs, their English Equivalents and Symbols – Planets
Ruthus or Seasons - Planetary States
The Different Bhavas - Dasas and Bhukties
Table of Stars with their Longitudes and Latitudes
Other Useful Details - Organs ruled by Signs, etc.