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Chapter 7

Vansha Adhyaya

1. There lived in this Globe a great learned man, Kanhajee, by name, a Mahendra among astrologers, a repository of the Vedas and the codes of laws, and an ornament to the assembly of the learned; he was shining like the morning lustre in the court of the Guzerat king who was very powerful in conquering his enemies and he was an ornament to the entire race of poets at the time.

2. He belonged to the great Bharadwaja family and had three sons. The eldest Suryadasha, became a great and intelligent astrologer. His next younger brother, Gopal by name, became well-versed in all the arts; and the brother next to him Ramakrishna by name, became the best of astrologers.

3. In the month of Bhadrapada in Salivahana Saka 1535 (1613 AD) the talented Ganesha, the son of Gopal, himself composed this fine astrological work for the satisfaction of his preceptor Siva in Bradhnapura. He was well-versed in metrical science (prosody) poetics, poetry, drama and the arts, and was a disciple of Siva and was also the repository of mathematical knowledge.

4. May those astrologers who are going to pursue this work be long lived and happy; and may their good fame, white as the Kairava (white lotus) and Kunda flowers, spread in all quarters.

5. In this work named Jatakalankara the 7th Adhyaya on the 'author's parentage' has been composed in four charming verses for the delectation of the wise.

Thus ends the 7th Adhyaya in the work Jatakalankara.