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Chapter 12

Results of dasas

  1. Unless born in Sagittarius and Pisces lagnas, when Venus and Saturn give rise to yogas in the other’s dasas, unfortunate results are to be expected in Saturn’s dasa Venus bhakti and Venus dasa Saturn bhukti
  2. Death may be caused by the lords of 6th, 8th and 12th in the course of the dasa of the 8th lord who occupies the 6th, 8th or 12th
  3. If the 3rd and 10th lords are in association, the native will be bereft of fortune in the 10th lord’s dasa but enjoy good results in the 3rd lord’s dasa
  4. The 5th, 7th and 9th being in their own houses facilitate dips in sacred rivers during their dasas and bhuktis
  5. A person gets wealth by his own efforts in the dasa of planets occupying the lagna or 7th house. He’ll also acquire wealth during the 9th lord’s dasa if he occupies 7th
  6. The native’s father will die in the bhukti of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or the Sun within the Rahu dasa. Father’s death can also be predicted in the bhukti of Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Sun in the dasa of Ketu
  7. Father’s death will happen in the bhuktis of Rahu, Ketu, Saturn or Sun in the dasa of Mars, or bhukti of Mars, Rahu, Sun or Ketu in the dasa of Saturn
  8. Father’s death will certainly occur before the end of Mars dasa and the beginning of Rahu dasa
  9. One’s father will die in the bhukti of Rahu in the dasa of a malefic planet
  10. Venus confers a rajayoga in his dasa if he’s in conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio
  11. When Sun and Mercury are in association, Sun’s dasa will be ordinary but Mercury’s dasa will be excellent
  12. When Mars and Moon are in association, Mars’ dasa will be ordinary but Moon’s dasa will be excellent
  13. When Jupiter and Saturn are in association, Jupiter’s dasa will be ordinary but Saturn’s dasa will be excellent
  14. When Jupiter and Moon are in association, Jupiter’s dasa will be ordinary but Moon’s dasa will be excellent
  15. Rahu when in a quadrant or trine confers a rajayoga during his dasa
  16. If Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are associated, the native becomes rich
  17. If Venus is associated with Mercury or Jupiter, Venus’ dasa will be very fruitful
  18. When Jupiter and Mercury associate, mixed results are seen in Mercury’s dasa while Jupiter’s dasa will be bad for the native’s finances
  19. When Sun conjoins other planets, Sun’s dasa will be favorable while the dasas of the other planets conjoined with Sun will yield ordinary results
  20. Of the planets associated with Rahu, the strongest one gives results indicated by it
  21. When Rahu, Sun and Saturn are in the 3rd, Rahu gives rise to courage and fortune in his dasa
  22. During the Rahu dasa, one becomes timid if Mercury is in the 3rd house