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Chapter 4

Fortune, luxuries and children

  1. If the lords of 4th and 9th combine in the lagna, the native will lead a very luxurious life
  2. Happiness is surely indicated when Jupiter is in or aspects the 4th house, or if Jupiter and the 4th lord combine in a quadrant or trine
  3. Presence of the 4th lord and Venus in 4th will indicate a person of ordinary conveyances
  4. If Mercury and Venus are in Libra for a Cancer ascendant native, luxuries come by in Mercury dasa Venus bhukti
  5. If Jupiter in the 4th, the person gets to own horses. If Venus is in the 7th, he becomes sensual
  6. Saturn in the 4th confers foreign residence, in dilapidated houses. It’ll also make the native hard-hearted
  7. Powerful luxury yogas are generated when there is a parivartana between the lords of either the 4th and 9th, 4th and 11th, 1st and 4th, 4th and 5th, 5th and 9th or 5th and 11th. Similar results can be seen if either the 4th and 5th lords or 1st and 9th lords are in their respective houses
  8. A luxury yoga is also generated when the 5th and 9th lords are in 9th and 10th respectively
  9. If Jupiter and 5th lords are in association, childbirths can be predicted
  10. If Jupiter, 5th lord and lagna lords are all disposed in quadrants and trines, the native enjoys happiness from children