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Chapter 15

Assessment of houses

1. The houses occupied and aspected by benefic planets or their own lords, or planets owning auspicious houses produce completely beneficiary results provided that they are not associated with or aspected by malefics. The same will be the result in the case of malefics if they happen to be lords of such houses. These good effects will be ensured in the case of all the planets when they are in the signs of debilitation, combust and in inimical signs.

2. It is the view of learned Astrologers that the strength of a house such as the Lagna should be adequate and the house sufficiently beneficial if the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th and 10th from that house are occupied by auspicious planets or the lord of the house is free from the occupation by and aspect of malefics. The house concerned should be considered to deteriorate in its effects if the above houses are not so occupied and aspected. The effects will be mixed if such positions are influenced by occupation or aspect by both benefics and malefics.

3. If the lord of a house be (1) posited in the 8th house, (2) eclipsed by the Sun's rays, (3) in his sign of debilitation or (4) in an inimical sign and be devoid of association or aspect of benefics, the effects of that house are totally destroyed. Some are of the view that the house in question will also suffer if its lord is in the 8th from the Lagna also.

If any benefic being in his sign of debilitation, is in inimical sign or combust occupied any house, unaspected by any oenefic, he will destroy the good effects of the house owned by him. If a malefic being in his sign of debilitaton, combust or in his inimical sign unaspected by any benefic will harm the effects of that house. For example see the horoscope —

Here Mars occupies the 5th in his sign of debilitation. Inspite of the aspect of Jupiter on Mars on the 5th house the native lost two sons and himself suffered from a serious disease Jalodara.






Sun Moon




4. Malefic occupying the 6th, 8th and 12th house with reference to the Lagna or other house under examination cause the destruction of that house.

Notes—For example we have to assess the effects of the 7th house under examination. They are not capable of producing good effects of that house.






For example, we have the 7th house under consideration. Suppose Jupiter is posited in the 6th or 8th or 12th from the 7th house. In such a position Jupiter will not be capable of any strength to the 7th house as from any of these places he will be unable to aspect the 7th house.

5. If the lord of the house under examination is in the 6th, 8th or 12th from the Lagna, that house is destroyed. The same will be the results if that house is occupied by the Lords of the 6th. 8th or 12th. The house concerned will, however, flourish if it is aspected by a benefic.

6. A house suffers annihilation in the following circumstances :—

(1) If the house, its lord and karaka be bereft of strength.

(2) If the house, its lord and karaka are hemmed in between malefics or be associated with or aspected by malefics and be devoid of any influence of benefics.

(3) If malefics occupy the 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th houses from that house.

There will be no doubt about the annihilation of the house if any of the two or three conditions' mentioned above synchronise.

Notes — For example, in a male's nativity we have to examine the 7th house. If the 7th house be without any strength, the lord of 7th be posited betwixt malefics, and malefics occupy the 4th and 8th house from Venus, the first wife of the native will definitely meet with her death.

7. If the lord of the 8th house, the lord of 22nd decanate and lords of 6th, 7th and 8th from a house be without strength, they will cause harm to the house (its effects) in their dasa, and antar dasa.

A house will flourish in the dasa of the following planets :—

(1) Malefics posited in the 3rd, 6th and 11th from that house.

(2) Benefits posited in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 10th from that house.

(3) Planets which are friendly to the lord of that hosue.

Provided that the planets mentioned above are not devoid of strength.

Notes — For example see the following horoscope — Here if we examine the position of the Lagna we will find that Saturn is an enemy of the Sun (lord of the Lagna). Therefore there will be physical distress in the dasa and antar dasa of Saturn. Jupiter is a friend of the Sun. Therefore there will be physical felicity in the dasa and antar dasa of Jupiter.





8. The following planets in their dasa and antar dasa cause destruction of the house.

(1) The lord of the 3rd house from the Lagna

(2) The lord of the 3rd house from the Moon

(3) The planet occupying the 8th house.

(4) The planet which aspects the 8th house.

(5) Saturn

(6) The lord of the 22nd decanate

(7) The lord of the house occupied by Mandi,

(8) The lord of the sign and navamsa in which the above 7 planets are posited.

(9) Rahu, if he be weak by occupying the 8th or 12th house or by being associated with or aspected by madefies.

Notes — In this verse it has not been made clear which house will become the victim of destruction but in the previous verse it has been stated that houses occupied by malefics, those surrounded on both sides by malefics, get damaged. The same principle should apply to this verse.

9. Whichever house is occupied by the lord of the Lagna gains in prosperity and well being i.e. it becomes very beneficient and produces very good effects.

The good effects of only such houses are enhanced if their lords are associated with or aspected by the lord of the Lagna.

If the lord of any house is posited in dusthana (6th, 8th or 12th), the effects will be reverse. If the planet in the dusthana be weak, the effects will be immensely harmful. If he is strong the damage will be slight.

10. In spite of the lord of Lagna being malefic, he will improve the prospects of the house occupied by him. In addition to being the lord of the Lagna, if a planet happens to own a dusthana (6th, 8th or 12th), the effects of his ownership of Lagna only will prevail and not that of the other house.

For example, Mars owning the Lagna occupy Leo (Aries being the Lagna) or Pisces (Scorpio being the Lagna) identical with the 5th house and be aspected by a benefic, the person concerned will get sons very soon.


Sun Merc





Mars Jupt


For example see the horoscope. Here Mars as the lord of Lagna and the 8th occupies the 5th house with Jupiter and Ketu. In spite of Ketu the native is blessed with sons and daughters.

11. Should a planet own two houses, the effects of the house which is the Moolatrikona will predominate while the effects of his own house will be half.

Notes — For example in a nativity of Leo Lagna Jupiter will be lord of the 5th and the 8th house. The 5th is an auspicious house and the 8th house is evil. As Jupiter Moolatrikona (Sagittarius) falls in the 5th house, he will produce the effects of the lord of the 5th predominantly and his effects as the lord of the 8th will be half.

In the dasa of such a planet the effects of both the ownerships will come to pass (good and bad both). The effects of first sign counted from the Lagna will be experienced first and the effects of the other sign will be derived later. This is one view. The other view is that a planet posited in an odd sign will produce the effect of that house first while the one that occupies an even sign will have its effect experiened in the second half of the dasa.

12. The distinction of a house from the Lagna onwards during the dasa period of planets which are very inimical (adhishatru) of the lord of that house or which occupy houses where there are no benefic dots in their ashtakavargas.

Notes — Suppose, the maha dasa of Saturn is in operation and in the Saturn's ashtakavarga there are no benefic dots in the 5th house. Thus in the dasa and an tar dasda of Saturn, the 5th house will be damaged and produce evil effects. The another view in this regard: Suppose the Lagna is Leo and in the Sun's ashtakavarga there are no benefic dots in Pisces in their dasa and antar dasa will cause physical distress (by damaging the Lagna). According to this view, if in the ashtakavarga of the lord of the house under examination, the planet occupying the sign which has no benefic dots, will harm the house concerned in his dasa and antar dasa.

13. Even if a planet be posited in his sign of exaltation or a friendly sign or be enjoying the six kinds of strength (shadabala), he proves in affliction if he is situated in Bhava-Sandhi (junction of two houses). This must be taken into account while predicting the effects of dasas and antar dasas of planets.

14. In the case of various houses, the planets occupy the exact degrees (Bhava-Madhya) signified by any particular house, produce the full effects of that house. The planets situated in Bhava-Sandhi produce no effects. In the case of planets occupying intermediate positions, the effects must be ascertained by a method of three processes.

15. Ascertainment about his ownself, father, influence, health, vitality and fortune be made from the Sun. The Moon signifies the native's character of heart, understanding, royal favour, mother and prosperity. From Mars one should ascertain his own courage, disease, characteristic, qualities, younger brothers, lands, enemies and paternal blood relations. Mercury is concerned with learning, relatives in general, discrimination, maternal uncle, friends, and speech.

16. The native should ascertain about his genius, wealth, physical development, sons and knowledge through Jupiter. One should seek the jurisdiction of Venus to know about his wife, vehicles, ornaments, love affairs and pleasures from spouse. Saturn will furnish information about native's span of life, livelihood, the cause of death, his adversity and his servants. Rahu signifies paternal grand-father and Ketu maternal grand-father.

17. The signification of the kanaka of the houses commencing from the Lagna are (1) the Sun, (2) Jupiter, (3) Mars, (4) the Moon and Mercury, (5) Jupiter, (6) Venus, (7) Saturn, (8) the Sun and Jupiter, (9) Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn, (10) Jupiter and (11) Saturn.

18. If one is to assess the effects of a planet, he should carefully note in which of the 12 houses beginning with the Lagna, he is posited and whether it is his own sign, his sign of exaltation, his friend's sign or is an inimical sign. According to Satyacharya, the benefics occupying a house promote its growth and the malefics so posited cause the decay of the house. This is reversed in the case of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

19. If malefics occupy the 6th, 8th or 12th house from the Lagna, they intensify the evil effects of those houses. Benefics in these houses cause the destruction of these houses. In other words the evil effects arising out of these houses are destroyed.

Notes — Although according to Shri Mantreshwara, the benefics destroy or alleviate the evil effects of the 6th, 8th and 12th houses but being posited there they themselves get afflicted and harm the houses they own arid do not produce beneficial results in their dasas and antar dasas.

20. In order to assess or judge the effects of a house in the case of nativity, that house should be treated as the Lagna and the effects of 12 houses reckoned from there such as, (first form, 2nd wealth) should be examined and declared.

Notes: According to the principle mentioned above if we have to consider about the wife of the son, we will treat the 5th house as Lagna and the 7th house from it, that is the 11th, will signify the wife of the son. Similarly we have to examine about the wife's wealth, the 7th house should be treated as the Lagna and the 2nd from the 7th, that is, 8th house will be the house of wealth for the wife on the same basis about the younger brother's wife we will have to ascertain from the 9th house.

21. In the same manner should the effects of the father, the mother, the brother, the maternal uncle, the son, the husband and the servant be determined by treating the signs occupied by their respective Karakas. The meaning of this is that if the effects of the father are to be determined, the sign occupied by the Sun should be treated as the Lagna and the second from that sign all information of the father's brother and the 3rd about mother's brother and so on. For effects of the mother the sign occupied by the Moon, for the effects of the brother the sign occupied by Mercury, for the effects of the son, the sign occupied by Jupiter, for the effects of wife the sign occupied by Venus, for the effects of servant the sign occupied by Saturn, have to be treated as the Lagna.

22 - 24 From the sign occupied by the Sun one ought to determine the appearance of the father of the native. The father's financial position and renown should be ascertained from the 2nd house from the sign occupied by the Sun. His character, brothers etc., should be examined from the 3rd house from that occupied by the Sun. The 4th house reckoned from the Sun will give information about father's happiness and his mother. The intelligence and tranquility of the father has to be determined from the 5th house, his differences, enemies and disease from the 6th house, his love and passion from the 7th house, his longevity and death from the 8th house, his virtues, wealth, father's father from the 9th house, his professional pursuits from the 10th house, his financial gains from the 11th house and his losses and expenditure from the 12th house from the sign occupied by the Sun.

In the same manner, all matters relating to the mother and brother should be determined from the signs respectively occupied by the Moon and Mars. From Mercury and other planets the assessment of the 12th house from the signs occupied by them should be similarly undertaken.

25. Thus all details about the father, mother, brother, son etc., of a house should be determined by a reference to the Bhava concerned, its lord and its Karaka. When any house, its lord and its Karaka are all strong, the prosperity of that house is definite.

26. But the others say that the Sun in the 9th, the Moon in the 4th, Mars in the third, Jupiter in the 5th, Venus in the 7th, and Saturn in the 8th will cause distress to the houses concerned.

27. The lord of the Lagna produces effects pertaining to the house with whose lord he is conjoined or the one occupied by him. If the house and its lord be strong good results may be expected from the house. If they are weak the results will be adverse.

28. Whatever houses contain longer number of benefic dots in the Ashtakavarga of the lord of the Lagna and if the lords of the houses concerned were strong and be conjoined with the lord of the Lagna, those house will produce beneficial result. If however, the houses concerned contain lesser number of benefic dotes and their lords be devoid of strength and be associated with the lord of the Lagna, those houses will not produce any benefic results. An Assessment of all the houses should be made in this manner.

29. If a planet owns two signs one of which falls In an asuspicious position from the Lagna and the other in a dusth one (6th, 8th or 12th), and if he occupies the auspicious sign himself he produces good results of the auspicious houses and does not produce any adverse effects of the other signs falling in a dusthana.

Notes—For example—Virgo Is the Lagna. Saturn occupies the 5th house Identical with the sign Capricorn. Although Saturn's other sign Aquarius falls in the 6th house (a dusthan), he will produce good results of the 5th house only and the native will be blessed with children.

30. The following are the five recognised connections or relations between two planets —

(1) When they occupy mutually each other's sign.

(2) When they are conjoined.

(3) When there is mutual aspect between them.

(4) When they are in Kendra position with respect to each other.

(5) When they are in Trikona position with reference to each other.

Thus ends the fifteenth chapter on "The Effects oJBhavas in Phaladeepika composed by Mantreswara.