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Ch. 48. Lost Horoscopy

1. When the time of birth, or time of conception is unknown, through horary method the lost birth details can be traced.

2. The effects of ten divisions (Dasa Vargas) will help to arrive at the natal Ascendant. These ten divisions are explained infra, the first being the effects of Ascendant.

3-6. EFFECTS OF BIRTH IN ARIES ASCENDANT. One born in Aries Ascendant will be highly susceptible to fire, be interested in visiting foreign places, be miserly in disposition, emaciated, not happy, be jealous, stammering in speech, troubled by bilious and windy diseases and complaints of heat, be skillful in performance, timid, religious, not very intelligent and will destroy others' wealth. He will be fickle-minded. He will enjoy pleasures, be famous, will have bad (ugly) nails, be bereft of brothers, be discarded by his father, will walk fast, will have inactive (or unlucky) children, be endowed with various kinds of wealth and be, virtuous. His wife will belong to a base family, be virtuous and be reproached even by her own people. The native will derive happiness and wealth in undesirable manners.

7-9. EFFECTS OF BIRTH IN TAURUS ASCENDANT. One born in Taurus Ascendant will be brave, will endure miseries, be happy, will destroy his enemies, will have the tendency of gathering wealth right from boyhood, will have broad and strong forehead, nose, cheeks and lips, be industrious, fortunate, devoted to parents, liberal, will have many expenses, be very short-tempered, be phlegmatic and windy in humour, be the father of (many) daughters, will insult his own men, be devoid of religion, be interested in women, fickle minded, be fond of food and drinks and be endowed with various kinds of robes and ornaments.

10-13. EFFECTS OF BIRTH IN GEMINI ASCENDANT. One born in Gemini Ascendant will have a dear wife, be fond of ornaments, charitable, respectable, will have two mothers, will be favourable even to his enemies, be interested in music, fine arts, Vedas, Shastras, amusement, poetry etc., gentle, fond of beautification, be conceit, truthful, impatient, will have evil sons, be crafty, will have a few relatives, will possess limbs of irregular sizes, will have round eyes, be fierce in appearance, will destroy even fearful enemies and will be endowed with lands, jewels, gold etc.

14-17. EFFECTS OF BIRTH IN CANCER ASCENDANT. One born is Cancer Ascendant will be timid, will have many residences, be fickle minded, learned, intelligent, enduring, troubled by diseases of the anus, will destroy his enemies, be crooked in disposition, sensuous, will honour Brahmins and Gods, be religious, very phlegmatic, will possess a physique, akin to that of a female, be honoured for his virtues, will be preceded by sisters in birth, be bereft of relatives, will have a few children, will have a censured family and a vile wife, will enjoy others' wealth, be firmly obstinate, will live in foreign places, be valorous in his deeds, be courageous, will earn through water (i. e. products related to water, sea travel etc.) and be endowed with wife, ornaments, robes and happiness.

18-21. EFFECTS OF BIRTH IN LEO ASCENDANT. One born in this Ascendant will be fond of eating meat, will earn wealth and honour through the king, be bereft of religion, be dutiful in family affairs, will have a face, resembling that of a lion, will hold a high rank of office, be majestic, strong, bold, will speak sparingly, be a miser, will trouble others, be desirous of (eating or) worldly enjoyments, will wander in hills and forests, be irascible, be firm in friendship, be careless, inaccessible (or inviolable), will destroy his enemies, will have famous sons, will honour the virtuous, be rich through agriculture etc., interested in business and will spend heavily on prostitutes, dancers and his own wife and will suffer dental diseases.

22-25. EFFECTS OF BIRTH IN VIRGO ASCENDANT. One born in Virgo Ascendant will be gentle, skillful in training (or teaching others), music, poetry and fine arts be a sweet speaker, be affectionate, interested in charitability and serving others, will sport with virgins, be endowed with goodness, merciful, will enjoy others' wealth, will wander, will have a female's disposition, be modest, be a liar, will attempt to enlarge his landed properties, be fortunate, sensuous, famous, virtuous, beautiful, will honour elders, be sinful, inimical to brothers, will have (more) daughters, be phlegmatic and windy in humour and will be away from base and inimical people.

26-29. EFFECTS OF BIRTH IN LIBRA ASCENDANT. One born in Libra Ascendant will have a crooked physique, be bereft of virtues, be fickle minded, will have increasing and decreasing wealth, be bereft of physical happiness, be phlegmatic and windy in humour, be fond of promoting quarrels, will have a long face and a long physique, be virtuous, learned, very miserable, very intelligent, will injure others' honour, will possess beautiful and black eyes, will honour guests, Gods and Brahmins, will perform Yagnas etc., will respect preceptors (or elders), be respectable, will help the helpless, be truthful, will have a beautiful body, will be affectionate to brothers, be pre-eminent, chaste, will yet help sinners, will have mean profession, be charitable, be religious and baseminded.

30-33. EFFECTS OF BIRTH IN SCORPIO ASCENDANT. One born in Scorpio Ascendant will have fleshy and broad limbs, (as though) perfected by exercises, be clever, crooked in innate disposition, valorous, attached to his mother inclined to quarrel, generous, will have majestic and tawny eyes, a prominent chest, a sunken belly and depressed nose, be adventurous, firm, fierce, trustworthy, amusing, be troubled by bilious complaints, will have a big family, will betray his preceptors (or elders) and friends, be engaged in attracting other women, will have an attractive face, will serve a king, will have enemies, be pious, will give his money to others, will possess an amiable wife, be religious, affectionate and base.

34-37. EFFECTS OF BIRTH IN SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT. One born in Sagittarius Ascendant will have big teeth and prominent forehead, will patronize dependents, be courageous, strong, just, will have very fat thighs and belly, be skillful in Shastras, be of high intelligence, be irascible, short tempered even with mighty men, be important among the men of his race, will destroy enemies, be famous through battles, will fault his relatives, be interested in fine arts etc., will have own profession, will do good to his men, be splendourous, be afflicted with facial and eye diseases, will earn wealth through royal favours and be virtuous.

38-41. EFFECTS OF BIRTH IN CAPRICORN ASCENDANT. One born in Capricorn Ascendant will have an emaciated body, be timid, will have a face, akin to that of a deer, be troubled by windy diseases, will have a bright and elevated nose, be not mighty, will have many sons, be hairy-bodied, will have broad feet and hands, be devoid of conduct and virtues, be tormented by thirst (or morbid heat), be dear to the fair sex, will wander in hills and forests, be valorous, will have knowledge of Shastras, Vedas, fine arts, music and musical instruments, will have little strength, be a householder, be hostile, wicked, ill disposed to relatives, splendourous, will have a wicked wife, will not be a talebearer, be wealthy, virtuous, will serve a king, be very liberal, happy and fortunate.

42-45. EFFECTS OF BIRTH IN AQUARIUS ASCENDANT. One born in Aquarius Ascendant will indulge in mean acts, be principal among the men of his race, be foolish, will have blown and sharp nose, be base, irascible, indolent, inclined to enmity, dissatisfied, harsh, be fond of gambling and of base females, will not be helpful to relatives, be agitated, will have checkered prosperity, will acquire wealth, be a talebearer, be crafty, will suffer penury, will face loss of relatives, be prohibited (in social circles), be not agreeable, will acquire great wealth and will honour elders. At birth Aquarius is not an auspicious Ascendant for ever, according to Satyacharya. Yavanas go a step further, stating, that even Aquarius Vargas are not auspicious (at birth), while Chanakya does not consider such divisions inauspicious.

46-49. BIRTH IN PISCES ASCENDANT. One born in Pisces Ascendant, will be fortunate, will have well blown nose and unblown (not wide open) eyes, will be interested in profane knowledge and poetry, be respectable, famous, will have exposed lips and teeth, be tormented by leprosy, will have an afflicted face, be courteous, trustworthy, will be endowed with goats, she-goats etc., will have pure conduct, will have knowledge of Vedas, be courageous, will have (more) daughters, be modest, gently disposed, be mighty, will have knowledge of music and sexual union, be virtuous, liberal, will gain through brothers and will have good relatives.

If the ascending Sign, or the Lord of the Ascendant is strong, the effects stated will fully come to pass (in regard to all Ascendants).

Thus ends the 48th Ch. entitled “LOST HOROSCOPY (through rising Signs)” in Kalyana Varma's Saravali.