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Garga Horä
by Sage Gargäcärya


  1. Jupiter in his own house along with Saturn and Mercury will bestow long life. Such native often will beget wealth.
  2. Should Venus be in Pisces along with Jupiter and the Moon, the native will acquire kingly fortunes and will have many sons and family.
  3. Should the Ascendant be in a malefic Rāśi, while the Lord thereof occupies the 7th house and Jupiter is posited in the 8th along with the Sun, the child will die at the age of eight.
  4. If Mercury and Mars be together in the Ascendant, or 6th, or 8th, the native will either be a thief, or will indulge in awful acts. Such a person will have defect in his hands and legs.
  5. Mercury in the Ascendant, or 6th, or 8th can cause death at the age of 4. Even if the native is dipped in nectar, it will be of no avail.
  6. Mars and Jupiter in exchange in Rāśi will inflict death at the age of 12. Even though Lord Siva may desire to save the person, it is rare to escape death in such a case.
  7. Should Jupiter occupy a house of Mars identical with 2nd, 6th, or 8th from Lagna, this child doubtlessly will face death in its sixth year.
  8. If Rahu occupies the Ascendant at birth, while the Moon is in the 6th/9th, the child will die within 20 days of birth. Similar effects will prevail, if Rahu is in the 4th from Lagna, while the Moon occupies one of the angles.
  9. Death will be inflicted by Rahu in the 7th from Lagna, while the Moon is in the Ascendant. Even nectar will not be useful to him and the death will come to pass in the 10th year of the child.
  10. If the Moon is in the 12th from Lagna, while malefics are in the 6th house, the native will be shortlived. He will suffer from stomachial disorders.
  11. If Rahu occupies the 9th, or the 10th, the native will die at 16, though Indra, Lord of Lords, may try to protect him.
  12. Death will come to pass at the age of 20, if Saturn and the Sun are in exchange Räçi.
  13. If Rahu is in the Ascendant, while the Moon is in the 6th (or both of them being together in the 6th) will promote diseases in the rectum, indigestion and deficiency of a limb.
  14. Death will be caused due to leprosy, or tuberculosis, if the Sun is in 8th, while Saturn is in 6th.
  15. If the Sun is in the Ascendant at birth, the native will be subjected to mental worries and will have no place of his own.
  16. The child will die instantly, if Rahu is in the Ascendant, or in 8th and is in aspect to the Moon. Even Indra cannot save such child.
  17. The native will have a life-span of 100 years, if two Angles are occupied by Jupiter and Venus, while the Sun is in 12th and Mercury is in Lagna.
  18. There will be no Arishtas (evils), if Jupiter is in an Angle, or in a Trine, or in own House/exaltation House, as the Lagna. This will be so throughout the life.
  19. There will be no evils whatsoever, if one of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury is in an Angle and with positional strength.
  20. There is no evil whatsoever, if Saturn happens to be in the Ascendant, 3rd, or the 6th and be at the same time in Libra, Aquarius, or Capricorn.
  21. If the 2nd from the Ascendant is tenanted by Rahu, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the Sun together, the mother will die soon. Alternatively it can be the father of the child.
  22. If the Sun is in Leo, or in Aries identical with the 6th, or the 11th and is aspected by a friendly planet, the evils, if any are simply counteracted.
  23. Should Rahu be in the Ascendant identical with Aries, Taurus, or Cancer and be in aspect to a benefic planet, no evil exists in the horoscope.
  24. RajaYoga is caused, if Saturn and the Moon are in the Lagna, while its trines are occupied by the Sun and Jupiter. Mars should be simultaneously in the 10th house.
  25. Should the Sun be in the 9th in Leo, the native will not have a surviving co-born. If however, one exists, he becomes a king.
  26. If Rahu is in Karma Sthana i.e. the 10th house, identical with own house and in the company of Mars, Mercury and Venus, the native will sometimes prosper and yet sometimes will have downfall.
  27. The subject is born in a mean descent, if malefics are in the 2nd, Rahu is in the 3rd and Jupiter is in the 5th.
  28. If the Sun etc. (i.e. other malefics) are in the 4th, 5th and 9th, the native will lose his first issue, while the later ones may survive.
  29. Should malefics be in the 2nd along with Mars and Saturn, while Rahu is in the 3rd, the co-born will not survive.
  30. Chatra Yoga is formed, if all planets are in the Ascendant, 2nd, 7th and 12th, he will become a leader of his race.
  31. If the Ascendant is occupied by Venus, 12th by Mercury and the 2nd by a malefic, a RajaYoga is formed and the native becomes a king.
  32. If the Ascendant is occupied by Venus, 12th by Mercury and the 2nd by a malefic, a RajaYoga is formed and the native becomes a king. If the Sun is in the 12th, the subject will be subjected to penury.
  33. The relatives of the native will perish, if the 12th and the 7th are occupied by malefics, while the 2nd by benefics.
  34. There is a RajaYoga, if the Moon and Saturn are in the 2nd, while Jupiter occupies Aries and Rahu with Venus is in the 10th.
  35. Should malefics be in the 2nd, 8th and 12th, the native will lose his eyes in his 8th, or 12th year of age.
  36. The co-born will not survive, if Mars is in the 8th house. Similar effects prevails, if he joins Rahu and Saturn in the 7th house.
  37. The results concerning Karma Sthana (i.e. 10th house) will be meagerly felt, if Mars aspects the 10th house occupying Aries, or Scorpio, while Mercury is associated with malefics.
  38. The native will head many people, if Jupiter is in Leo, while Venus is in virgo, Saturn is in Gemini and Mars in  the 4th identical with own house.
  39. Should Saturn be in Virgo along with the Moon, while Mars is in the sign Capricorn, Rahu in Aquarius and, Jupiter in Leo, the native will destroy the band of his enemies. One born with such planetary array will not be an ordinary man. He will advance his family to a good state and enjoys RajaYoga.
  40. The native will indulge in notorious acts at the age of 20 (i.e. from his 20th year), if Venus is in Sagittarius, the Sun in Aquarius and Mars in Pisces simultaneously.
  41. Should a malefic be in the 11th house, while the 5th is occupied by Venus and the Moon, the native’s first issue will be a female and such female’s mothers will be subjected to many troubles.
  42. There will be destruction of relatives, if the 4th is occupied by Rahu, the 2nd by Jupiter and the 6th, or the 9th by Mercury.
  43. Should the 9th be occupied by Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the Moon, the subject acquires success in all his undertakings and will be honoured by a king.
  44. If both malefics and benefics occupy severally the 6th, 8th, 5th, 9th and the 12th, the native will be honoured by the king. But he will face many hardships in life.
  45. If the 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th are occupied by, respectively, Mars, Rahu, Venus and the Sun, the native will protect his own people.
  46. If the Ascendant is occupied by Saturn and the Moon, while Venus is posited in the 8th, the subject will be highly libidinous. Though he will be honoured by a King, he can not enjoy any kind of happiness.
  47. If the Moon is in Capricorn at birth along with debilitated Jupiter, or with an inimical planet and aspected by Saturn, the native will be a source of evil to his own co-born.
  48. Should Rahu be in Gemini, while Mars is in Leo and Jupiter in Scorpio, the native will be equal to a king.
  49. If at birth Saturn occupies Aquarius, Mars Capricorn and the Moon Aries, while the 2nd house is occupied by the Sun, the subject will enjoy paternal wealth, or his own wealth.
  50. If Mercury and the Sun occupy the 10th, while Rahu is in the 6th, the native will lord over many.
  51. If the Sun is in the 10th in Leo, or Saturn in Libra identical with the 6th, or the Moon and Mercury in the 9th in Gemini, a RajaYoga is formed.
  52. Jupiter in Lagna, while Venus is in the 12th holding the other planets in between indicates RajaYoga, this is to the advantage of the native’s family to become strong (in all respects).
  53. The native doubtlessly becomes a king, if Jupiter is in the 8th and Venus is in the 3rd. All others should be between them.
  54. One born in Libra Lagna with exalted Saturn, while Jupiter is in Taurus, the Moon in Gemini, Mars in Capricorn, Venus in Leo and Mercury in Virgo along with the Sun, will have RajaYoga; he will maintain justice, good deeds and auspiciousness in his life. He will however cause Balarishta in the 8th, or the 12th year. The native will, however, later on prove inauspicious for the elder brother, or sister.
  55. If Libra happens to be the 2nd house, or an angle and is occupied by a malefic, the native only faces sheer poverty. He will not prove a good augury for his own people.
  56. Should the Moon be in the 10th, while Venus is in the 7th and malefics in the 4th, the native’s dynasty ends with him and there will be no further descent in his race.
  57. The mother of the native will not survive, if Saturn is in the 2nd, Rahu in the 3rd and Jupiter is in Pisces.
  58. Should Mars be in the 7th, while Venus is in the 8th followed by the Sun in the 9th, the native will be short lived.
  59. If Jupiter is in the Ascendant, while Mars is not in the 7th and Venus is not in the 8th and the Sun is not in the 9th an auspicious Yoga is caused. Such a native will live a long lease of life, will have many co-borns, will head many people (i.e. employ many and feed them), will be happy, will lead himself and his co-born to a prosperous level, be free from proud conduct and be pleased in all aspects of life.
  60. If Saturn is in Cancer, while Rahu is in Taurus, the native will be very liberal, will enjoy numerous Yogas, i.e. will reach a very high state in life, will be famous, will be chief in his race and will marry many women. If, however, the said Saturn is lonely and aspects the 5th, there is only one marriage.
  61. The native will meet with his end, if Jupiter and Rahu are together in the Ascendant, or the 4th. The end will be in the 13th year even, if Lord Siva may try to save him. (That is, death in 13th year is certain).
  62. If Mars occupies the 8th, while the Sun is in fall in the 5th, or the 9th and Jupiter must be in accelerated motion. The native is blessed by Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth.
  63. Should Venus be in Pisces along with Mercury, while the Ascendant, 2nd and 3rd are, respectively, tenanted by the Sun, Moon and Mars, a Raja Yoga is constituted. One born under this kind of planetary array will respect Gods and preceptors. He will achieve such fame in his own native country and abroad as well, that cannot be achieved by others.
  64. It the 12th is occupied by Jupiter, while the 2nd house has Saturn, Sun, Mars and Mercury, the father of the native will pass away at the time of marriage of the native.
  65. If Jupiter is in the 3rd, while the planet Venus is in the 11th the native will be famous among his relatives and will shine, like a lamp among the men of his race.
  66. If Venus in the Ascendant is unaspected by anyone, while the Moon is in the 2nd and Jupiter is in the 3rd, the native cannot enjoy any paternal earnings.
  67. Should Mars and Saturn be in Leo, while Venus is in Virgo and Rahu is in Gemini, the child will lose its mother (early).
  68. Should Mars and Saturn be in Leo, while Venus is in Virgo and Rahu is in Gemini, this will cause poverty in childhood and happiness in the later part, if the Moon join Mars.
  69. If Lagna happens to be a malefic sign and is occupied by the said malefic Lagna Lord himself, while one among the 4th, 7th and the 10th being a malefic sign is occupied by its own malefic lord, the child will live only upto six. He will prove inauspicious to its mother. Additionally, there will be destruction of maternal relatives, if the 6th house is unaspected by Jupiter.
  70. The child, who has the Sun in Leo, a malefic in Virgo and Rahu in a malefic’s house will only live for six years.
  71. The longevity is only for 19 years, if the Moon is in the 8th, malefics in angles and Rahu in the 10th at birth.
  72. If a benefic planet is exalted in an angle, the native will acquire a large kingdom and will protect his family.
  73. Death of the father is imminent, if a child is born with Rahu in the Ascendant and the Sun in the 7th, while Mars is between Lagna and the 7th.
  74. A child, who has malefics posited in the 7th, 12th, 3rd and 8th, will always have an ailing physique.
  75. Should malefics be in the Lagna, 12th and 8th simultaneously, the child will be deprived of its mother instantly, while its father will leave this world in its 4th, or 10th year of age.
  76. 76. 1st
  77. Sürya, Candr: will have many sons, will not be happy in regard to parents, will be subjected to mental worries.
  78. Sürya, Maìgal: will be unhappy about his father, will be wicked, will always wander from place to place, will be meanly disposed.
  79. Sürya, Budh: will not have conveyances, will be wickedly disposed, will have ill-reputed history, will commit sinful acts, be forsaken by friends and relatives.
  80. Sürya, Guru: will have little intelligence, will look ugly, will be a dunce, will be ungrateful, thievishly disposed and jealous.
  81. Sürya, Çukr: will hate scholars, will not have many children, will be cruel, angrily disposed, will trouble others, be fierce and dejected.
  82. Sürya, Çani: will be a simpleton, be sick, be given up by his relatives and will not possess good qualities.
  83. Candr, Maìgal: wicked, poor, talkative and not virtuous.
  84. Candr, Budh: will have good speech, will be rich, beautiful, passionate, modest and will be addicted to other women.
  85. Candr, Guru: will be good-looking, long-lived, very famous, will have attractive eyes and hair on the head.
  86. Candr, Çukr: will be interested in good affairs, will have very beautiful face, will be affluent, interested in being virtuous and dear to king.
  87. Candr, Çani in the 1st Bhava: will earn money in bad ways, will know only bad things, be mean-minded, be attached to others money, be won by unsocial elements.
  88. Maìgal, Budh in the 1st Bhava: can easily dupe others, will be an able speaker, interested in living in foreign countries and will have bad notions.
  89. Maìgal, Guru in the 1st Bhava: will be hard-hearted, will have few sons, will entertain others and will be interested in doing bad acts.
  90. Maìgal, Çukr in the 1st Bhava: will have phlegmatic imbalances, will undertake futile jobs, will cheat others, will be ungrateful, will have a valorous son and will not achieve success in any of his undertaking.
  91. Maìgal, Çani in the 1st Bhava: will be interested in committing sinful acts, will defy others, be interested in speaking harshly and be fiercely disposed.
  92. Budh, Guru in the 1st Bhava: will be beautiful in appearance, be fortunate, splendourous, rich and pleasing.
  93. Budh, Çukr: will be connected with royal duties, will be worth praising by kings, will be interested in various Çästras, be rich and truthfully disposed.
  94. Budh, Çani in the 1st Bhava: will be expert in carrying out the orders of the king, will possess a bad wife, be indigent and will face obstructions from the public.
  95. Guru, Çukr in the 1st Bhava: will be dear to king, be inclined to earn more wealth, will have more knowledge in policies, be very rich and be an exponent of Çästras to a great proportion.
  96. Guru, Çani in the 1st Bhava: will be very wealthy, highly educated, be not cunning, will face many risks and be untruthful.
  97. Çukr, Çani in the 1st Bhava: will be foolish, ungrateful and always attached to his men.
  98. Sürya, Candr, Maìgal in the 1st Bhava: will be liked by his elders, be defective limbed, be a liar and be cruel, blameworthy and foolish.
  99. Sürya, Candr, Budh in the 1st Bhava: He will be foolish.
  100. Sürya, Candr, Guru in the 1st Bhava: Will have all auspiciousness, be inclined to be virtuous, be intelligent, rich, very powerful on others and be always happy.