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Queries about one who is Abroad

1. If all the planets are situated in 3rd, 5th and 2nd house the person who has gone abroad surely returns. Benefics in these places cause the retrieval of lost object. If Jupiter or Venus is placed there the person returns quickly.

2. If Jupiter is situated in a quadrant and there is a planet in the 6th or 7th then the person who has gone abroad returns. Similarly, if Mercury or Venus is placed in the 5th or 9th houses the person returns.

3. If the Moon is placed in the 8th House, and there is no malefic in the angles the person who has gone abroad returns happily. If there is a benefic planet in the angles, he returns with gains.

4. If a prishthodaya sign happens to be the ascendant and the same is aspected by a malefic, the person who has gone abroad is dead or he is in jail. If the ascendant is aspected by a benefic planet, the bad results do not happen. If a malefic is placed in the 6th, Kendra or 3rd house the person is either lost, gone elsewhere or has fallen from his position.

5. If Jupiter and Venus be placed in the 2nd and 3rd houses in any manner, the person gone abroad, will surely return. If they be placed in the 4th house, the person gone abroad definitely enters his house (returns).

6. If malefics are placed in the 3rd or 11th houses and benefics are situated in Kendras and Trikonas (i.e., 1, 4, 7, 10, 5 and 9) the person surely returns.

7. If Saturn is placed in 4th, 8th, 9th or 5th house in the sign owned by a malefic and aspected by a malefic, the person who has gone abroad is definitely put to confinement in jail etc.

8. If the ascendant falls in fixed sign and the same is occupied by a benefic, the confinement is permanent. But, if the ascendant falls in a movable sign and contains a malefic planet, he is released from imprisonment early. If there is a dual sign on the ascendant, release takes place after some time.

9. If malefics are placed in 5th, 9th and 7th houses and if they are aspected by planets inimical to them and if the ascendant falls in a Prishthodaya sign not aspected by benefics death of the traveller on the way is indicated.

10. If a benefic is placed in the 9th house, the traveller does not encounter any kind of trouble on the way. If there be a malefic planet on the ascendant there will be fear, diseases, difficulties and other troubles on the way.

Here ends Chapter VI of Daivajnavallabha entitled "Queries about who is in Asylum".