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Miscellaneous Matters

1. Fall is to be divined from the ascendant, prosperity from the 4th, exile from the 10th and return from 7th house. All these matters are to be judged from the position of planets at the time if query in these houses. If a strong benefic planet is placed in the 4th house, say that the person who had gone out has entered his house.

2. Query Relating to Servant and Master : There will be good results to both servant and the master if benefics are placed in houses 2nd, 8th and 7th and malefics in the 3rd and 6th house. But if the situation be reverse i.e., if houses 2nd, 7th and 8th are occupied by malefics and houses 3rd and 6th are occupied by benefics there will be discord and strife between the master and the master and the servant and there will be staying away from the home.

3. If benefics occupy the 8th and 2nd house, long-life is to be predicated for the querist. But if malefics occupy these houses, his life will be short.

4. If benefics occupy 10th and 4th houses there will be happiness and prosperity. If these houses are occupied by malefics, happiness and prosperity of the native will suffer. If benefics are placed in the 2nd and 11th houses, acquisition of wealth is to be predicted.

5. If malefics occupy the ascendant of query, there will be bodily ailments and strifes to the querist. If malefics occupy the 4th house, he will not be happy. There will arise quarrels in the house and enmity with relatives.

6. Planets placed in the 7th house produce obstacles during travel. The wise declare evil results for Karma if malefics are posited in the tenth house. The desired object will be accomplished with great difficulty if the concerned houses are not aspected by benefics.

7. If the Moon is conjoined with or aspected by malefic planets, there will be quarrels with womenfolk. Or if there be malefic planets placed in the 4th and 7th houses the same result is to be understood.

8. In a query regarding the whereabouts of one's father if the Sun is placed in the eighth house from the ascendant, combined with or aspected by a benefic his father has already gone away from the place where he was residing previously to some other place.

9. (Now the tastes pertaining to the planets are told : This is useful in a quuery regarding diet. i.e. HINDI) The Sun indicates pungent taste, the Moon saltish, Mars bitter, Mercury mixture of various tastes, Jupiter sweet, Venus sour, and Saturn astringent. The planet in an angular house, is to be taken as strong and the taste indicated by the same is to be told as being predominant in the food taken by the querist.

10. The taste ascribed to the planet that aspects the ascendant or failing it the one placed in a quadrant is to be proclaimed. Other tastes are to be told in the order of the powerful planets according to their strength.

11. The taste will be good if the planet is placed in a sign belonging to a benefic planet. It will be without any taste if the sign belongs to a malefic. If the planet is retrograde, the person who is dining will not eat things of that taste already placed in the plate. But will taste it when given afterwards.

12. When the ascendant falls in a fixed sign and the query relates to travel or return of a person gone abroad, there will be neither travel nor any return. The disease will not subside in a query relating to disease. There will be no loss of wealth in a query relating to money matters. The patient will not die, in a query concerning disease. If it concerns a person gone abroad, he will not be lost (i.e., he will come back safe.)

If the query is regarding victory or defeat, there will be no defeat. But if the ascendant falls in a movable sign, all these results will be reverse.

13. If a dual sign rises, mixed results will happen. Similar results are to be told when movable and fixed navamsas rise. If there is benefic aspect over the ascendant and the Moon, all types of good results will happen. If both are aspected by malefic planets, bad results will occur.

14. The houses, ascendant onwards, represent head, eyes, ears, nose, cheek, chin and the face respectively. The same houses are representatives of the limbs neck, shoulders, hands, sides (flanks), heart, bosom and navel. They aslo signify the houses bladder, genitals, anus, thighs, knees, and the feet. In this way, the representation of the limbs of the human body by the various bhavas according to the rising of the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd drekkanas of the rising respectively to be understood.

15. There will be a wound or sore on that part of the body signified by the house which is conjoined with or aspected by a malefic. There will be a mole etc., on the house combined with or aspected by a benefic planet. If that planet happens to be placed in its own sign or navamsa or a fixed sign, the wound or mole will be from the time of birth. Otherwise it will be one caused at a later stage. The cause of the scar would be as follows: Saturn-through stone, or wind-trouble; Mars-fire, weapons or poison; Mercury-through wood or some animal : Moon-through being pierced by horns of an animal or by water. Other benefic planets produce the scar through some good cause.

16. The house wherein three planets along with Mercury are situated, produces invariably a wound or a mole in the part of the body signified by that house. If a malefic is situated in the 6th house, in the part of the body signified by sign in which the sixth house falls, wounds are caused. If that planet is aspected by benefic planets, there will be a mole or mark on that part. If it be only conjoined with benefic planets there will be just a mark.

17. In the body of beasts, the signs Aries onwards represent the head, face, legs, shoulders, back, breast, sides, belly, rectum, feet, genitals, buttocks and the tail.

18-22. Ascertain the measure in Anguls of the shadow of the shanku at the time of the query. With the help of this shadow find out the longitude of the Ascendant at the time according to the rules given in "Grah Laghav" (we can find out straight away also the Ascendant) - Leave the signs and degrees of the Ascendant and taking only the minutes multiply the minutes by the length of the shadow. Divide the product by 7 and find out the remainder. In the Table given above multiply the figure of the remainder with its corresponding figure shown under it (under 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) Divide the product by 71. Take the remainder. Deduct from this remainder the figure 5, 21, 14 etc. shown under Sun, Moon, Mars etc. Go on deducting these figures until further deduction is not possible. The number that cannot be deducted will show the number of days etc. in which work will be accomplished. The Number will be days if the non-diminishable number falls under Sun or Mars.

It will be so many fortnights if the undiminishable number falls under Venus or Moon. It will be so many months if the undiminishable number falls under Jupiter. It will be so many years if it falls under Saturn.

23. At a query regarding conception, victory, defeat, destruction of enemies, meeting with new persons, and acquisition of wealth, the time of fruition of good and bad results is to be declared in this way after careful thought.

24. Query relating to Dreams. In a query relating to dreams, if the Sun is placed in the ascendant he has seen fire, a lamp red cloth or a king in the dream.

If the Moon is placed in the ascendant, he has seen white cloth, white flower, scent or a woman in the dream.

25. Mars placed in the ascendant indicates that he would have seen coral, gold, blood, or fresh meat of an animal. Mercury in the ascendant denotes dreams about travel by air. Jupiter there, would point to dreams of meeting gods and relatives.

26. Venus in the ascendant tells about dreams regarding swimming in water. Saturn therein indicates climbing mountains and lofty places. If many planets are placed in the ascendant mixed results are to be told.

27. If there is a planet in the ascendant placed in inimical sign or in debilitation or defeated in planetary war, the person has seen a bad dream. If there is a planet in setting placed in the ascendant, the querist will meet with defeat.

28. The time of fructification of the results is to be told from the number of signs between the ascendant and the Moon. The results of one's own dreams are to be guessed as told above. Thus Yavaneshwara has declared.

29. The seven classes of letters beginning with (1) v (2) d (3) p (4) v (5) r (6) i and (7) ; and ('k) are alloted to the planets the Sun, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter Saturn and the Moon respectively. From the first letter of the query, the ascendant should be determind.

30. The good and bad results are to be told to the querist. If the letter is the first, third or the fifth of the class, the odd sign belonging to the planet is to be fixed as the ascendant.

31. By the rest i.e., the second and fourth letters, the even sign belonging to the planet is to be taken as the ascendant. This process is to be applied to find out the lagna belonging to Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn, but not for the Sun and the Moon for they own one sign each. Letters of Sun give Leo and those of Moon Cancer as the ascendant.

32. From that ascendant all the good and bad results are to be proclaimed as before. If the time of query cannot be determined exactly this method is to be adopted for fixing the ascendant in dealing with queries.

Here ends Chapter XIV of Daivajnavallabha entitled

"Miscellaneous Matters"


1. The twelve houses ascendant onwards represent body, treasure, fighting, vehicles, counsel, enemies, path longevity, mind, occupation, gains and minister.

2. The Sun, Saturn and Mars spoil occupied house excepting the 3rd and the eleventh houses. The Sun and Mars do not spoil the 10th house by their occupation. The benefics cause all the houses to flourish by their placement except the 6th house. But Venus is not good in the 7th house. The Moon is not auspicious in the 8th house. Nor is it good for the house falling in the sign of Leo.

3. Benefics placed in the ascendant bestow good health, riches and comforts upon the native. While placed in the second house, they cause acquisition of wealth. In the third house, the cause increase in the strength of the army.

4. If benefics are posited in the fourth house, there will be increase in the prospects of vehicles and friends. While situated in the fifth house, they cause the benefits of good counsel. In the sixth house, benefics destroy the enemies. Excepting Venus all other planets are favourable for travel when placed in the 7th.

5. In the eighth house, benefics excepting the Moon protect the life of the person (i.e., they cause prolonged life for the person). In the ninth house they give fame and wealth. In the tenth house they produce victory in one's undertakings. In the eleventh, they cause much gains. In the twelfth, they cause increase in the strength of the army.

6. If Mars, the Sun, Saturn, and the Moon are place in the ascendant, there will arise murder, confinement in jail, death and fear respectively. If they are in the second house, they cause decay of wealth. In the third house they produce fame.

7. In the 4th house, there will be loss of vehicles and friends. In the 5th house, they will cause leakage of secret counsel. In the 6th house, they are good. They will cause the destruction of enemies. If they be in the 7th house, they do not give good results. Same (bad) is the result if Venus occupies the 7th house.

8. In the 8th house, the aforesaid malefics cause early death. When they are placed in the 9th house, they produce troubles to the army. In the tenth house Mars and the Sun produce victory. But Saturn therein will cause defeat.

9. In the eleventh house all of them indicate victory. In the 12th house, they cause division and betrayal in the army. The results produced by the malefics in the house other than the Upachaya ones (i.e., 3, 6, 10 and 11) are exactly opposite in nature to those produced by the benefics in these houses.

10. Even if a malefic is happily posited in the ascendant it is praiseworthy. A benefic planet, if afflicted, is not good in the ascendant. A retrograded planet is not good if it is placed in an angular house. Its day, Vargas (Decanate, Navamsha etc.) and its stay in the ascendant also will not prove to be auspicious.

11-17. Interpretation of Decanates. The matters to be judged from the first decanate of the ascendant of query upto the last decanate of the 12th house are respectively : (1) The king, (2) his commander-in-chief (3) royal astrologer, (4) priest and doctor, servants (5) status and prowess, (6) dealings and army (7) food (8) sleeping (9) sitting (10) vehicles (11) seat and couch (12) eating and drinking (13) prince (14) counsel and strength (15), (16), (17) and (18) enemy, (19) resting of the army (20) wealth (21) magistrate imposing punishments on the guilty (22) troubles to the army (23) mutiny in the army (24) commander-in-chief (25) health of the army (26) soldiers (27) four-fold strength (28) actions (29) treasury (30) fructification of results (31) meritorious deeds (32) actions (33) wealth (34) soldiers (35) worship (36) end of travel.

18. These are the matters relating to the 36 decanates beginning from the ascendant of query. Good and bad results relating to the matters which I have declared is to be foretold according to conjunction and aspect on decanates of benefic and malefic planets.

19-20. Results from Navamsas. The results arising from the ascendant falling in the Navamsas of the seven planets beginning from the Sun and ending with Saturn are : (1) loss of vehicles, (2) loss of prowess and return to home with difficulty, (3) fear from fire, (4) acquisition of friends, (5) gain of wealth, (6) various material pleasures and (7) death and destruction.

21. Whatever has been declared as the result for a particular planet in ascendant the same is generated by the corresponding planet represented by the lord of the Navamsa sign. If the Navamsa is owned by a benefic a portion of the army belonging to one party renders help to the army of the king who has come to attack.

22. The king who goes to conquer in the sign and Navamsa belonging to a benefic gets help from the army of the enemy.

23. Whatever has been declared as the results for the rising sign, the same is to be told as the result of the rising dwadasamsa, (dwadasamsa is 1/12th portion of a sign extending over 2o30'). What has been said as the result for the Navamsa, the same is to be told for Trimsamsa (1/30th portion of a sign extending over 1o) also.

24. Combinations Leading to Destruction of Enemies. If the query lagna of the invader falls in the sign of his Janmalagna, or the Janmarasi, or an Upachayarasi counted from his natal ascendant or Moon sign or contains the lord of the ascendant at birth or the lord of the Moon sign, destruction of the enemy will be the result. If the said yoga in ascendant falls in 4th house from the ascendants etc. of the enemy or in the 7th from that of the querist the enemy is destroyed.

25. If the sign of the ascendant, its lord, janma rasi, or its lord in the horoscope of the enemy falls in the seventh or the fourth house of the chart of query, the death of the enemy is to be foretold.

26-27 If the rising sign is possessed by the Sun, the traveller will be troubled by hunger and thirst, will lose his way, will have eye trouble etc. If by Moon travels in connection withworship of some deity, alone should be undertaken. The signs of Mars there will cause troubles from disorders of bile, serpents, weapons and fire. The signs of Mercury in the ascendant, will produce happiness, acquisition of desired objects and fame. The signs of Jupiter in the first house produce gains of wealth, status, and destruction of enemies. The signs of Venus on the ascendant cause acquisition of wife and gems and success in undertakings. If the rising sign is possessed by Saturn, there will be danger from fire and insult from low people.

28. The sages have declared thus-Even though Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer are favourable for journeys they are inauspicious while falling on the ascendant or the 12th house.

29. If the ascendant, falls in the sign of Pisces or its Navamsa in any sign in lagna there will be confusion as to the direction of the destination or the correct path to be taken or there may arise other types of troubles and difficulties. One should not undertake a journey when the ascendant of travel falls in a watery sign or a watery Navamsa.

30. Discussion Regarding Hora : All the rules discussed above, being the verdicts of sages are authentic by themselves. But it is worth while to consider the strength of Hora at the time of travel. [Hora is of three kinds : (1) Tiryang mukhi = facing across, (2) Urdhvamukhi = facing upwards, (3) Adhomukhi = facing downwards. Hora is 1/2 a sign and extends over 15o. Each sign contains two horas]. The hora in which the Sun is placed is to be reckoned Tiryangmukhi and the next horas in the order Urdhvamukhi, Adhomukhi, again Tiryangmukhi and so on.

31. [The results of Yatra Lagna falling in different kinds of hora are told now]. If the lagna falls in U-hora, objects are achieved with ease without any difficulty. T-hora there produces difficulties, efforts and losses. A-hora causes defeat and destruction of the army and makes return to home difficult. All the horas produce good results if they are aspected by their lords and are not aspected by malefic planets.

32. The lords of the directions from East to North are respectively the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and the Moon. Yamardha Rahu resides during the first half-(HINDI duration of 3 hours i.e. for 1-1/2 hour in the direction of the lord of the day. In the next HINDI it moves to the sixth direction there from and so on.

33. The time from the commencement of the day to the time in question is to be expressed in ghatikas and the same is to be multiplied by 2 and then divided by 5. From the quotient the number of hours elapsed, will be known. The lord of the next hour is the lord of the hour of query. Others are to be reckoned in the order the Sun, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.

34. A person gets success in such undertakings as theft, robbery, cheating and war if the same are performed during the Karanas Vyatipata, Bhadra and Vaidhriti, rise of ascendant possessed by a malefic planet and during the days of malefics.

35. The signs Aries, Leo and sagittarius are reckoned as representing the eastern direction; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in the South; Gemini, Libra and Aquarius in the West; and Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in the North. In whatever sign is the Moon posited, that sign is considered to be facing the person on the journey.

36. If HINDI is on the left, the Moon in the front, Rahu at the back, there will be victory in the war. If the Moon is on the right the object will be achieved. If it is on the left, there will be troubles and losses. If it be on the backside, death is sure in the war.

37. If there is a strong planet in the 5th house to the planet who is the lord of the direction of journey that planet will prevent his travel in the desired direction but will make him travel in the direction ascribed to it.
38. Even if one among Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn is placed in the 5th house from Mars or if the Moon is placed in the 5th or 9th house from the Sun, the person will not be able to go in the desired direction. The stronger of the two planets mentioned above will take him in the direction ascribed to it.

39. Saturn and Mars, or the Sun and the Moon, or Venus and Mars if placed mutually in trines (5th and 9th from each other) they destroy the results told previously but will make the person travel in their directions.

40. If Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn are placed in trine to Mars or if the Moon is placed in trine to the Sun or if a strong planet is placed in the fifth place to the lord of the direction in which the querist desires to go, the person performs journey comfortably in the other direction.

41. In order to discern the results visible and invisible an astrologer should interpret queries after understanding the work on Horary science, bearing the name "Daivajnavallabha" composed by Mihira.

42. This science of Astrology clearly shows the results of whatever merit and demerit has been earned through one's actions in previous birth, like a lamp which makes different things visible in darkness.

43. The illustrious Varahamihira, who was the son of Adityadasa, who got instructions and knowledge of the science of Astrology from his father (Aditya), who belonged to the gotra called Kapiththala, who got boons and blessings from the Sun God, and who was a native of the country of Avanti, composed this work after careful scrutiny of the opinions of different sages with great effort.

41-2. Whether the result of the query will materialise in years or months etc., should be decided from the fact whether the lord of the Navamsa of the lagna at the query time represents hours, or months or fortnights etc. How many years, months etc., would be involved should then be decided on the basis of the number of Navamsas traversed in the lagna.


Here ends Chapter XV of Daivajnavallabha entitled
"Judgment from Ascendant"