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Chapter 5

Enemies and diseases

  1. The native will be sick if the 8th lord is in the lagna. If the 6th lord is in lagna, he’ll be troubled by diseases and rivals
  2. If Sun is combined with the lagna lord and Moon with the 6th lord, the native will fear fever and water respectively
  3. If Mars is associated with the lagna and 6th lords, the native will be prone to wounds and injuries. If Mercury is associated with the said lords, the native will suffer diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract
  4. The association of Jupiter with the lagna and 6th lords doesn’t make one disease-prone but if Saturn is associated with them, he’ll fear thieves
  5. Rahu or Ketu conjoining the lagna and 6th lords gives the native fear of felines and reptiles
  6. If Venus is combined with the lagna and 6th lords, the native’s spouse will be in danger. If the lord of the 3rd and Mars conjoin, death in a war is indicated
  7. If the 8th lord is in the 12th in combination with debilitated or inimical planets and the lagna lord is strong, the person’s diseases will be destroyed
  8. For Taurus and Scorpio natives, if the lagna lord is weak and combined with benefics, the native’s enemies will turn pals